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Why choose us?

Fair competitive tariffs

Our variable rate tariffs are intended to remain competitive for the whole time you're on it, not just when you first join.

Data driven energy insight

The way your home uses energy is unique, our smart tariffs combine smart meters & innovative technology to help you save your energy. (Coming soon)

Our best tariff guaranteed

We’ll make sure you’re always on our best tariff available, no more expensive standard variable tariffs that sting you when a fixed period ends.

We want you to use less energy

We don’t really want to sell you energy! Through personalised recommendations & product offers that drive down the volume of energy you use, we want to save your energy, for good.

No exit fees or minimum terms

We believe you should stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

3% Interest on your credit balance

After all, it is your money and we think it should be working as hard as you do.

Built for your smartphone, this is Energy for the connected home.

Designed to help make your home work better, use less energy and cost less to run.

  • Latest smart technologies delivered to your door
  • Real time control over the energy you use
  • Opportunity to earn money back from your home

Let’s start with switching your Gas & Electricity

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It takes less than a minute and our customers have saved an average of £290

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Just a couple of clicks. We'll take care of it all. No need to talk to your old supplier.

Sit back, save your energy

Your data. Our products & services designed to save you energy.

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