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One fair competitive tariff

One simple tariff with no exit fees – so you know you are always on our best rate.

Switch and save £330 a year *

Our customers have saved an average of £330 by switching to us.

Free Smart Meter (coming soon)

Using your Smart Meter data we can provide guidance on how best to save energy in your home.

Smart energy products

We will offer you the latest range of smart products designed to make your home cheaper to run.

A new kind of energy company

We are a young dynamic company used to making technology work smarter for you!

Giving you something back

We will give you a 3% interest reward on your credit balance.

We want you to spend as little as possible on energy!

It might seem obvious, but traditional energy companies make more money when you buy more energy. We're different, by providing you with a mix of technology and by analysing data on how you use energy in your home, we want to help you use as little energy as possible!

  • An energy company who has your interests at heart
  • Support from our UK based call centre
  • Access your account anytime of day from your online portal

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