We’re CHARGE Award finalists!
(And we have you lovely lot to thank for it)

We’re one happy energy supplier today (even more so than usual if it can be believed). Because we’ve recently received word that Igloo are through to the final of the 2018 CHARGE Energy Branding Awards.

(Cue rapturous cheering)

The CHARGE Awards focus on the importance of marketing, branding and customer experience within the worldwide energy industry. Championing those brands that challenge the status quo and dare to do things differently.

We’ve been included in the Challenger Brand category. Which is categorised as “a mindset which sees business ambitions beyond conventional resources and an intent to bring change to an industry.” A definition we think describes Igloo Energy to a T.

We can’t even begin to convey just how much this recognition means to us. Particularly in light of the fact we’re the only small energy supplier in the UK that made the cut for our category. Not to mention, just one of only 20 brands to make it to the finals from an initial shortlist of 80. Something we can’t help but feel is pretty amazing.

CHARGE Finalists 2018

But, it’s not just the judging panel we have to thank for putting us through. Our own Igloo customers played an equal part too.

You see, not so long ago we emailed our Igloo customers with a polite request to complete a short customer survey as part of our award entry. Well, this survey data was an integral part of helping us progress to the finals. And you dear Iglooers didn’t disappoint, responding to us in droves.

In fact, within just a few days of our email going out, we received hundreds of completed questionnaires. All of which painted an overwhelmingly positive picture of what it’s truly like to be an Igloo Energy customer. And it’s thanks to this honest feedback that we secured our place in the CHARGE Awards top 20.

So to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey on our behalf, please accept our whole team’s heartfelt thanks. We simply couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Best Challenger Brand Finalists CHARGE Awards 2018

In an industry where the customer is often an afterthought, we’ve always strived to put our customers first. Focusing, not only on offering competitively priced energy in the UK, but a great customer experience too. One that ensures our customers are at the heart of everything we do. With one simple and transparent tariff, and technology that helps you every step of the way.

Our Igloo app is now the top-rated of all UK energy suppliers. Offering customers the means to send in meter readings by using their devices camera among other time saving features. And we’re soon to be rolling out the latest generation smart meters to our customer too.

Igloo App - Top Rated

In fact, technology is a big part of our Igloo vision. With every new initiative we introduce designed to give our customers even more control over their everyday energy usage. And we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our service, so feel free to drop us a line at team@igloo.energy with any suggestions, anytime.

Another exciting piece of news is that we’ve recently been awarded two government grants worth £1 million. Helping us improve our customer platform even further, together with the University of Southampton. As well as develop unique energy saving software that really can have a profound impact on Britain’s changing energy landscape.

So as much as we’re over the moon to make it to the CHARGE Energy Award Finals, and looking forward to the ceremony in Reykjavik next month, we’re even happier that our customers are with us 100%. Supporting us, believing in us, and joining us for the ride.

We’re up against some great global brands in our category, and feel honoured to have been selected from such a large and prestigious shortlist. But regardless of the outcome, we’re extremely proud to be nominated, and more so that our customers think we’re doing such a great job.

To everyone up for a CHARGE Award, including our fellow finalists in the Challenger Brand category, we look forward to seeing you in Iceland and wish you the best of luck.