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We were delighted to hear the Government’s initial announcement of the Green Homes Grant and the follow up announcement earlier this week confirming further details and announcing the products which would be included. With the pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050 getting closer, it is crucial that homes become more energy efficient and the Green Homes Grant will help make this a reality for homeowners.

What is the Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant aims to upgrade over 600,000 homes across England by encouraging homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient by investing in improvements such as air source heat pumps and insulation.

People are more aware than ever of their impact on the environment, but did you know that 31% of an average home’s carbon emissions comes from heating? Fossil fuels used to heat homes are damaging for the environment but installing renewable air source heat pump technology could not only reduce your home’s carbon footprint but also lower your heating bills too.

How much will my Green Homes Grant voucher be worth?

For most people, the Green Homes Grant will cover two thirds of the spend on energy efficiency works, up to a maximum of a £5,000 voucher per household. However, for those on the lowest incomes the scheme will fully fund energy efficiency measures of up to a £10,000 voucher per household.

What can I spend the Green Homes Grant voucher on?

The Green Homes Grant voucher can be spent on making the following changes to your home. This will cover improvements to insulation in walls, floors and roofs, replace your heating solution to a low carbon alternative, such as an air source heat pump or implement smart heating and controls. If you don’t know what changes you would like to make, give us a call on 0333 016 4500 for some expert advice on how you could make energy efficient changes to your home.

How can I apply for the Green Homes Grant?

New information is being released by the Government on a daily basis with vouchers expected to be available in September and details on how to apply coming soon. We are keeping a close eye on any further news about the Green Homes Grant scheme. To stay up to date click below to register your interest.

No time like the present

With Government-backed financial schemes in place already for air source heat pump technology, there is no better time than summer to replace your home heating system. Book your free home survey today so we can help assess whether an air source heat pump is right for you.

We are dedicated to helping the UK get to net zero by 2050, we know that if we all make small changes, we could make a big difference. We are fully MCS accredited and our team of professional engineers and installers and on hand to answer your questions.