Today we’re announcing that Good Energy is acquiring Igloo Works, in a move that will help more homes switch to heat pumps and away from fossil fuels.   

As an established heat pump provider we’ve helped over 1,000 homes on their pathway to low carbon heat to date. By becoming part of the Good Energy family, we can’t wait to do more.

We have been at the forefront of innovation since launching into the heat pump market, as one of the first providers to offer a heat pump for the same price as a fossil-fuelled boiler back in 2021.   

The heat pump market is experiencing massive growth and is set to explode further, as more and more people look to free themselves from costly fossil fuels. By 2030, the market is expected to grow to £11 billion with annual installs of up to 600,000. 

As a trusted company with over 20 years of innovation in clean energy, unrivalled green credentials, and more than 270,000 green-minded customers, we think Good Energy united with Igloo’s heat pump and energy services expertise can be a true leader in this area. We both share a commitment to helping customers choose clean energy and are very excited about building on everything we have been doing as part of Good Energy.

Igloo will be incorporated into the Good Energy brand, though all installations and services will continue via Igloo for now. The new team will progress to develop new connected products and services for customers looking to cut their carbon emissions and their costs. These will include other clean energy products such as solar, storage and electric vehicles.

Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive of Good Energy, said: “The heat pump market is hotter than ever. As everyone feels the crunch of gas prices, more customers than ever are eager to cut loose from fossil fuels and take control of their energy by switching to clean power.   

Bringing the Igloo Works team on board is a big step towards our ambition to help a million customers cut their carbon, and it targets a vital area where that’s needed — the electrification of heating. With Igloo’s established expertise and technology, Good Energy will be right at the forefront of this transition. 

I expect 2023 will be a very exciting year for Good Energy’s services expansion, as we launch new products for home generators alongside those for heating. Good Energy will soon be the complete package for homes and businesses looking to go green and save money.”  

Matt Clemow, Founder and Chief Executive of Igloo Works, said: “We have a shared vision with Good Energy in helping customers move away from the reliance on fossil fuels. Having clearly demonstrated the market interest, joining a business that has the capital and the existing customer base allows us to accelerate towards this vision. As one of the first to offer a heat pump for the same price as a fossil fuelled boiler back in 2021, we are well placed to help the 1.5 million homes each year who replace their boiler make move to low carbon heating. We are looking forward to growing with Good Energy and helping people make an impact on climate change.”