How Igloo Gives You The Tools to Take Control of Your Bills and Readings.

Let’s face it, when it comes to how we consume energy at home, no two days are the same.

Day by day, your energy consumption rises and falls according to the behaviours of the people living in your household. And small decisions we make (without thinking) all have an impact on the amount of energy we use. Such as how many lights are on in the evening, or whether you decide to run the dishwasher that night.

It’s a bit like your journey to work.

Sometimes the traffic might be a little heavier than usual. Or you might leave the house 5 minutes later than planned. All of these factors make a difference to the time it takes to complete your journey. Just like the amount of gas and electricity appliances you use at home affect your overall energy consumption on a daily basis.

So, how do we help you keep control over your usage and billing, when the energy you consume on a daily basis varies?

Good question.

Well for one, we only have one tariff (our Igloo Pioneer) so you know you are receiving the best rate possible.

The other (rather clever) thing we do differently at Igloo is to spread the cost of your energy over an entire year, and keep things simple with a regular monthly payment. This helps you to smooth out the cost of your energy so you don’t have to worry about your bills spiking in winter. Or worry about needing to wear five jumpers indoors to keep the heating cost down.

One thing for sure is that no one wants a big bill shock.

And we do need your help to ensure you get billed as accurately as possible.

So every month we ask you to send in a meter reading so we can keep on top of your usage and bill you as accurately as possible. Just to make sure what you’re paying is in line with what you are actually using. We review your payments every three months as standard. And if anything does need to change we let you know and adjust the payment automatically.

As well as this you will receive a monthly statement from us, which details your usage and the readings we have used to create the statement. Along side this you will also be able to see your current balance on your account, whether this is a credit or a debit balance. Any credit balances will of course, earn 3% interest reward. And we have a few options available for you if you feel you’re using more than you’ve been quoted and find yourself in a debit balance.

What’s more, this year we made it even easier for Igloo customers to send us meter readings with the introduction of our Igloo app. Now all you need to do is use the video reading feature and the rest will update itself. We’ll even let you sign off on the reading before it’s submitted to be doubly sure we’ve got it right. And you can check this again when you receive your monthly statement to make sure everything tallies up as it should.

The Igloo app is rated 4.6 on the App Store, and is the top rated app of all UK energy suppliers. And we’ve already had some great feedback as you can see below.

And if your circumstances change at any point, and you think your energy usage will too, just give us a call. We’ll talk everything through with you on the phone. And if we agree the price you pay needs to change we’ll put that into effect, plain and simple.

We’re totally transparent here at Igloo. Our app and our online account features make it easier than ever for you to see your energy use and your payments. So you’re never in the dark about what you’re paying, when you’re paying it, and why it’s the amount it is.

If you’re not already with us and you like what you see. Why not take a look at how much you could save when you switch to our Igloo Pioneer tariff today.