Igloo Customer Care: How We Do Complaints 

At Igloo, we’re on a mission to make energy easier to understand and to give customers the tools and data to lower their overall consumption, all while keeping our customers happy.

This daily “pursuit of happiness” has been the catalyst for a number of new initiatives we’ve introduced in the past two years. From our ‘refer-a-friend’ rewards scheme and our 3% Interest Reward on credit balances to our Igloo App (still the #1 energy supplier app on the App Store).

But despite our good intentions we know it’s doubtful we’ll get everything right all of time – even if this is the standard of customer service we strive for at Igloo.

That’s why, when it comes to complaints, we’re all ears.

Because any constructive insight our customers can offer, good or bad, can only help us improve for the better.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re don’t sit at our desks all day willing a complaint to come in, and if one does, it still disappoints us to know that we’ve let a valued customer down.

But, this is precisely why we value complaints so much.

Because if no one complained we’d just keep doing what we’re doing, assuming that we’ve got this whole energy supplier thing down to a fine art, when actually there’s always plenty of room to improve and grow.

Let’s not forget, we’re only just over two years old at Igloo, and while we’ve got an excellent customer service rating and complaint resolution record, we’re not in the habit of resting on our laurels and counting our chickens. For us, every day is a chance to fine tune our offer and push the status quo of what it means to be a great energy supplier that much further.

But, we can only do this with the help and guidance of our customers. So we wanted to take a moment to explain our complaints procedure to you and reflect on our current complaints standing within the wider energy industry.

What happens if you have a complaint?

Customer complaints at Igloo sit with a dedicated Customer Care team so if you do email or phone in with a complaint, this is who you’ll be in touch with after the initial contact.

They really are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things Igloo and industry and, for the most part, are able to resolve complaints without having to escalate the issue any further.

The other great thing about our Customer Care Associates is that they pass on all the feedback they receive. So even after the complaint has been resolved, we can still use it as a learning curve to do better next time.

The complaint is logged and managed throughout the process by the same Customer Care Associate, who will keep you updated on progress using your preferred contact method. We find this is the quickest way to resolve complaints to satisfaction and it also helps us keep tabs on how many complaints are open at any given time.

Another benefit of logging our complaints in this way is that it gives us an accurate picture of the average amount of time our complaints take to resolve. This gives us a benchmark of our teams’ performance, which charts the speed of our complaints resolution against other energy providers.

Which brings us onto our Igloo complaints record.

In Customer Care, complaints are measured against something called a “One Day Resolve” ratio – a complaint that gets solved within one working day. It’s the pace at which we aim to address every customer complaint we receive at Igloo and, as you can see from our Q2 2019 results, we achieve this standard of response 95% of the time.

Complaints resolved within 1 working day

Another way complaints are compared across the industry is by looking at the total number of complaints raised in a set time period (usually on a quarterly basis).

On average in the energy industry, 201 complaints are recorded per every 10,000 customers but, as you can see at Igloo, our total number of complaints is well below the industry average.

In fact, our total complaints only stood at 37 per 10,000 customers in Q2 of this year, one of the lowest numbers of complaints received across the entire industry.

Complaints per 10,000 customers

Our Citizens Advice and Trustpilot ratings

Along with holding the industry record for the lowest number of customer complaints, we also value the feedback our customers leave about Igloo on independent reviews sites such as Citizens Advice and Trustpilot.

As it stands, Igloo is currently ranked within the top 5 energy suppliers on Citizens Advice with an overall score of 4.3 stars – a rating that puts us ahead of many of the UK’s biggest suppliers.

These ratings take complaints into consideration as well as positive feedback, so we’re naturally thrilled to be in a top 5 position, just two years on from launching.

This proud achievement is only amplified by our Trustpilot score – which stands at an incredible 8.9/10 across 779 reviews, at time of writing. While on Money Saving Expert we achieved 5 out of 5 stars in the website’s Supplier Performance Poll with 97% of customers surveyed rating us as “great”.

Where we’re looking to do better

Of course, while these results are a great endorsement of our service, the fact is our complaints record isn’t infallible. We know there’s still room for improvement and we want to reassure customers that we’re serious about making the changes you bring to our attention.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share the five most common customer complaints we receive at Igloo.

In the majority of cases these are industry-wise issues that unfortunately affect the energy market as a whole, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less committed to finding ways we can improve the process at our end.

1. Inaccurate billing.

We believe you should only pay for the gas and energy your household genuinely consumes but in order to make your billing accurate we rely on up-to-date meter readings. Without these, we have to use industry estimates about your energy usage based on your historical meter readings.

Inaccurate billing can be resolved by submitting regular monthly meter readings, so in order to make this process more streamlined we’re rolling out SMETS2 meters to our customers nationwide (soon). Once in place, these meters will send readings automatically each month, meaning no more estimated bills for our customers.

2. Delays in SMETS2 meter installation.

We fully share in our customers’ frustrations when it comes to the speed at which we’ve been able to rollout SMETS2 meters. The industry has pushed back the launch of these meters into the market several times. The good news is the UK rollout has finally begun and Igloo customers will be among the very first recipients of these second-generation meters so the wait is very nearly over.

3. Opening meter readings.

The third most common complaint concerns new customers who’ve chosen to switch their energy supply to us.

When a customer changes energy supplier the industry requires that the new supplier collects opening readings to help with future billing. As with all energy suppliers, we have to follow industry-wide processes where this is concerned. However, at Igloo we’ve appointed a dedicated team to help speed up this process for our customers.

4. Issues with switching supplier.

On occasion we get a call from a customer who’s experiencing an issue with their old supplier refusing to allow them to switch. Typically this is down to an outstanding debit on the account or a simple data issue that’s easy to resolve.

While we do all we can to assist customers with the switching process, including notifying your new supplier, if anything does need to be settled on the account, any unpaid balances can’t be transferred over and must be settled with your supplier directly.

5. An increase in your monthly direct debit.

At Igloo our customers pay a monthly direct debit that’s proportionate to their gas and electricity consumption across the year. However, we do systematically review these payments to ensure your account remains in credit.

If we see that your payments are no longer covering your usage, we will, of course, need to increase your direct debit accordingly. We always notify customers before taking this action and we have a number of ways to help you lower your energy consumption, if you want to reduce your payments again.

We hope this has helped you to better understand our complaints procedure and how we use the feedback we receive to make improvements to our customer journey.

As we said at the start of this blog, we welcome customer feedback – good or bad – at igloo. So if you are unhappy about something please don’t keep it to yourself. Come forward and talk to us. We always strive to resolve issues within one working day and we take every complaint on board to help us fine tune for the future.

Our approach to complaints is just one of the ways we look to do things differently at Igloo. To see how you can save up to £340 a year on your gas and electricity bills by switching to us, type in your postcode at igloo.energy.