Igloo Energy joins the Energy Switch Guarantee

Today we’re announcing another step in our commitment to customers by joining a great switching initiative and becoming a part of the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG), an initiative designed to take the hassle out of changing energy suppliers for customers.

The Energy Switch Guarantee, set up by industry body, Energy UK, ensures the industry provides a seamless switching process and fairer deals for customers.

With our customer-centric approach, we’ve been strongly opposed to the tease and squeeze model, which lures bill payers in through cheap introductory rates and leaves them high and dry when they roll onto the more expensive default tariff. Since launching (nearly three years ago) we’ve ensured our customers are treated fairly and are always receiving a great price by offering just one single variable rate tariff.

Now part of the Energy Switch Guarantee, we will manage the whole process of changing suppliers for any new customer. Customers will get a range of benefits through the ESG, including a guaranteed switch within 21 days of application; no disruption to energy supply throughout the process; a smooth billing transition managed by us; and a cooling off period of 14 days on the new agreement.

Matt Clemow, CEO and co-founder at Igloo Energy said: “Igloo Energy was born with the aim of wanting to make life easier for customers by helping them to use less energy. We will always be committed to putting our customers first and becoming a member of the Energy Switch Guarantee is another way we are helping people switch providers to make it easier for them to reduce their energy usage, reduce their impact on the planet and see long term savings.”

Pamela Taylor, Independent Chair of the Energy Switch Guarantee, said:It is fantastic that the Energy Switch Guarantee continues to grow and I am delight to welcome Igloo Energy on board.

“With a record 6.4 million switching last year – an average of 12 switches every minute – it has never been more important to get switching right for consumers and ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Our members are committed to making switching simple, speedy and safe and ensure consumers feel confident to choose the best deal for them without worrying about their switch, losing supply or when they will receive their final bill.”