As an energy supplier, we have a duty of care to all our customers, and a duty to offer additional support to any customer with a vulnerability. Providing high quality services and support should they need us is part of what we do. We’re  already part of the Priority Services Register (PSR) and the Energy Switch Guarantee and now we’ve signed up to the Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment to improve the standard and consistency of support we provide to vulnerable households.

Steve Crabb, Chair of Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment, said: 

“I’m delighted to see the coverage of the Vulnerability Commitment grow with the addition of Igloo Energy to the group of signatories. The Commitment makes a real difference to the lives of energy customers who are at risk of vulnerability by encouraging suppliers to innovate, collaborate with charities and other experts, and work with customers themselves to drive continuous improvement in the services they offer.” 

Henry Brown, Co-Founder of Igloo Energy

“We are pleased to be a part of Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment as we strive to treat all our customers fairly, as well as providing additional support and reassurance to those households who are in a vulnerable situation. By signing up to the commitment we hope to continue to improve on our standards of service to enable our customers to have the best experience possible.” 

We’re proud to be part of this commitment and to be offering even more support for vulnerable customers. If you do ever need to speak to us, you can reach us here.