Introducing Me & My Home: The Future of Energy at Igloo

Since Igloo was launched just over two years ago everything we’ve achieved has been in the name of one almighty mission: to help make our customers’ homes smarter, more efficient and to cost less to run, through the use of technology.

Igloo’s motto is energy for the connected generation, and since the inaugural day of trading we’ve introduced new technology and initiatives geared towards achieving a smarter energy reality. We already help our customers save an average of £340 a year on their gas and electricity bills – just one of the reasons over 500 independent reviewers rate us four stars on Trustpilot, the highest of any small energy supplier.

In fact, it’s our ambition to be the first energy supplier to provide customers with a 100% personalised energy experience, entirely tailored to each unique customer’s energy usage and home. It features bespoke advice for optimising your home’s gas and electricity consumption and ensures that your home runs as smartly and efficiently as possible. Helping to put money back in our customers’ pockets.

So, What Exactly is Me & My Home?

Me & My Home is a feature we’re introducing account-wide at Igloo to help us better understand our customers’ energy habits; that is how and when you use energy in your home. It’s completely free to all our Pioneer tariff users, and 100% optional to participate in.

You’ll be given the opportunity to opt in the next time you log in to access your Igloo energy account. If you do, you’ll be asked to answer 16 short questions confirming how you consume energy in your home. The questions either take the form of multiple choice or just require a straightforward numerical answer. Nothing is lengthy or difficult. In fact, you should be able to whizz through the whole thing in under 10 minutes.

What Kind of Questions Will I Be Asked?

The whole profile should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete and you won’t need to refresh these answers again unless your personal circumstances change, for example you move house or you change an existing appliance.

If you don’t have chance to fill out your profile the first time you log in that’s not a problem. You can complete the questionnaire any time you like. Likewise you don’t have to complete every question, but we recommend answering them all as accurately as possible to get the best out of the Me & My Home personalised energy insights we’ll be able to provide as a result of your responses.

How Does Me & My Home Benefit Customers?

By far the biggest Me & My Home benefit is the chance for customers to reduce their energy bills and make significant cost savings on the amount of gas and electricity used by their household day to day.

The questions are designed to extract data insights about how energy is consumed in your home, and by whom. After which, we’ll be able to give personal advice to help ease consumption among the occupants living at your address. If the suggestions we make are adopted, the result will be a reduction in the overall cost of your gas and electricity bills across the calendar year.

Image of energy savings advice in Igloo's SSP

Even the smallest of shifts in behaviour can bring about big savings in the long-term, and combined with other technology such as our forthcoming smart meters, help you achieve a significant improvement in the efficiency of your home’s energy usage.

We’ll even be able to measure how your home compares to other UK households of a similar profile, so you can gain a greater understanding of your own energy consumption versus the wider population across the country.

Energy comparison to homes like yours in Igloo SSP

An Update on Our UoS and UCL Collaboration

As we launch Me & My Home, we thought now would also be a great time to update our customers regarding development of our new customer platform, in collaboration with the University of Southampton and University College London.

In the summer we announced that, Igloo are working in partnership with the two universities to develop a unique energy saving software, designed to aid our understanding of how customers consume energy. We ultimately hope to unveil a more sophisticated system to understand energy usage, which will be unique to the households we supply, and help lower overall consumption.

The project is now in the research stage, and we’re expending significant resource to support the development of the bespoke infrastructure. Me & My Home is the foundation for this project, and the software we hope to be in a position to release in the not too distant future.

Changes to Our Igloo Privacy Policy

We’d like to take this opportunity to assure customers that all personal data provided to us will be used exclusively to develop our understanding of our customers’ energy consumption habits. We would like to draw your attention to a couple of updates in relation to our data privacy policy.

The main change concern the gathering and handling of the data you share with us, which may be used by our academic partners at UCL and the University of Southampton in the scope of our research. All data will be anonymised, to protect user identity, prior to sharing, and be managed with security protocols at every stage to guarantee their integrity.

Please be assured, your data is safe with us. Outside of our partners at UCL and UoS we never reveal insights about our customers with third parties, and customer anonymity remains our upmost priority.

To that end, we draw your attention again to our full and updated privacy policy which can be found here on our website.

If you do have any concerns or questions relating to your account, Me & My Home, or our work with UCL and UoS, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team here.