Over the last year we have developed our Igloo team and experienced our largest employee growth, all done remotely while working from home. This has been a challenge that has been tackled head on by several teams in the business, making sure all of our newest team members receive the signature Igloo welcome virtually.

We are now at an exciting point in our history where we have members of the team approaching their second, third or even fourth work anniversary. This is the first in a series looking at progression at Igloo and at how we help to build careers, giving the opportunities and support needed to develop and grow with us. First up we spoke with Daisy, our Learning and Development Lead who joined us back in May 2017 as one of our first hires and is currently celebrating her fourth work anniversary with us.

My career journey at Igloo: Daisy – Learning & Development Lead  

“When I joined Igloo back in May 2017 it was a small company, and I was attracted to being able to have an impact and watch a business grow from the ground up. As well as the environmental mission which really resonated with me as someone with a Geography degree! 

I started as an Energy Associate which meant my main responsibilities were replying to emails and taking phone calls from our customers. When I started with Igloo we had 30 customers who were mainly family and friends of Igloo employees and we now have more than 130,000 customers! 

No day was ever the same as it could be a customer wanting to give meter readings in the morning, followed by a customer needing help putting a payment plan in place in the afternoon. When you are on the phone to a customer you never quite know in which direction the conversation could go which keeps you on your toes. You need to be calm under pressure and able to think on your feet. Having experience on how our systems work and the challenges customers face really stood me in good stead and I still have the voice of our customers with me today. 

I was able to take on extra responsibilities early on and was promoted to a Senior Energy Associate. I was involved in helping to craft processes and keep the customer service team running smoothly! A few months later I became a Team Leader, and we began building and growing the customer service team. I loved having a team and being able to support people in their growth both personally and professionally. 

I love seeing people grow so much that I started creating and developing a training programme for new Energy Associates. Our current training programme has evolved from that point and I am excited to take it to the next level. I became our first employee dedicated to Learning & Development and we now have a team of 4 people including myself in our team. 

Igloo has invested in me and I am currently being supported to achieve a Level 5 CIPD qualification in Learning & Development at Chichester College. I have also achieved two Level 3 qualifications, one in coaching and mentoring and one in Team Leading with Igloo's support. 

Igloo really does place people at the heart of things and I do feel truly supported to be the best version of myself here. 

It is amazing to look back at other people who have joined and grown with the business with me. Many have developed their careers into senior team leader positions or switched to other departments that have interested them, if that is a path they have wanted to pursue. It benefits the business to have people that have experienced life on the front line first-hand in leadership positions as they really understand the challenges.”

If you are passionate and want to actively contribute to Igloo’s continued growth, we have some great opportunities. Whether you are looking for your first role, are new to the energy industry or looking for the next progressive step – there could be a place for you here.

We have many different departments and roles in our ever-growing team from energy services to customer care, to finance and our team spans all around the UK.

Many of our staff have had the opportunity to complete a number of additional qualifications all fully funded and supported by us to help further their career growth. Progression and promoting from within is a key focus and have seen our team develop and successfully move into other areas of the business.

If you think you could be a great fit to join us and help our our mission, check out our careers page. The job listings are updated regularly, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to join Team Igloo.