Igloo Price Update: We’ve Lowered Our Prices Again

Aren’t good surprises great?

There you are, just going about your usual day (in the usual way) when something unexpected comes along that just takes you totally off guard.

Like when your energy supplier tells you they’ve lowered their gas prices for a second time. Good surprise.

At Igloo we love being the bearer of good news, just as much as we love making energy prices cheaper, so you can only imagine the joy this latest price drop has brought us.

Our office roof = raised.

But Wait; Didn’t We Just Drop Our Prices a Few Weeks Ago?

You’re right, we did.

We lowered our gas prices as a result of cheaper wholesale prices back in March, saving our customers an average £36 per year more on their bills (and boy did it feel good). We also lowered our electricity standing charge to give our electricity only customers a slice of the pie.

At the time we didn’t expect to be lowering our energy prices again so soon. But, just like in March, the unusually warm British weather has kept wholesale gas prices down. And since we’re paying less for our gas supply, it’s only right that our customers do too, just one of the benefits of our single variable tariff.

So, we’ve dropped our gas unit prices by a further 7%, which means the average Igloo dual fuel bill is now £80 less than at the start of 2019.

Right now, our electricity prices will remain as they are, because unlike gas, electricity network and policy costs are still on the up. But (like the energy champions we are) we’ve chosen to absorb these costs rather than pass them onto our customers. So even though we’re paying more for electricity at our end, what our customers currently pay is staying exactly the same.

Our Simple Approach to Pricing

Offering the most competitive energy prices possible (coupled with outstanding customer service) has always been our goal at Igloo.

Not only have we lowered our gas prices twice in 2019 so far, we’re also ranked within the top 5 in the most recent Citizens Advice Customer Service Ratings, perfectly cementing our promise of great service at a great price.

We aim to keep our tariff consistently competitive, not just against the big six energy companies, but among the small, independent players, just like us.

Along with regularly reviewing our prices, we also treat all our energy customers equally by offering just one tariff – our Igloo Pioneer. This means that even if you’ve been with us since the start, you still pay the same competitive gas and electricity prices as new Igloo customers. Which, after this latest gas price decrease, means you stand to save up to £360 per year on your energy bills with us versus other suppliers.

Other Ways We Help Our Customers Save Money

Of course lowering our prices isn’t the only way we keep our customers’ bills down.

We’re a little bit more innovative than that at Igloo.

So, over the years since we launched (all two of them) we’ve come up with a variety of ways our customers can save – and make – money by switching their energy supply to us. From our £50 refer-a-friend scheme, which pays you and every friend you sign up to Igloo £50, to paying 3% interest on account credit balances.

Believe it or not, we even encourage our customers to use less electricity and gas in their homes, through innovative products such as Me & My Home and our Igloo app – all of which help our customers to identify where cost savings can be made.

These initiatives, together with ones we have planned for release this year, represent just a fraction of the ways we do energy differently at Igloo, and commit to bringing energy prices as low as possible for our customers.

To be part of a different energy future (one that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do) use our post code checker here to see how much you can save by switching your gas and electricity supply to Igloo today.

Spoiler alert = the result may surprise you.