Price Decrease: Why We’ve Made Our Energy Prices Cheaper

Recently we got in touch to announce a decrease in our energy prices – a change we’ve now put into effect. So, with today being April Fools Day, and with so many other suppliers increasing their prices, we’d like to take the opportunity to assure our customers that our promise of cheaper energy prices is no joke, and explain a little more about how and why we’re able to reduce our prices.

The Igloo Promise

Since day dot of Igloo, offering our customers a simple and transparent energy experience has always been our primary goal. It’s the reason why so many frustrated energy customers switch to us from other providers and stick with us in the long-term.

But it’s not just our open and honest approach to energy that customers find appealing. Another big benefit of being with Igloo are the annual costs savings customers see on their gas and electricity bills (an average of £340 a year) and part of delivering on this promise means keeping our tariff prices as low as the market will allow us to.

Our Most Recent Price Drop

Since December 2018, wholesale gas costs have started to drop – which is good news for energy companies as it means we can buy wholesale gas at a cheaper rate.

This can be attributed to the mild weather we’ve been having over the last few months, meaning gas storage levels are much higher than usual.

For Igloo customers it’s also great news. Because we’ve taken the decision to lower our own energy prices and pass these savings directly on to you, the Igloo customer.

For those of you who’ve only recently switched to Igloo energy, this price drop might well be your first taste of how we’re committed to doing things differently at Igloo. After all, we’re human too, and we know the frustration of being tied to companies that promise one thing and then let you down.

We never want our customers to experience this….

Which is the reason we offer our customers just one tariff only – our Igloo Pioneer. This keeps things simple for us, ensuring that every single Igloo account holder is on the same competitive rate for their area, regardless of how long they’ve been with us.

This type of transparent and inclusive pricing (that doesn’t distinguish between existing and new customers) is just one of the many refreshing ways we make powering your home easier at Igloo. Alongside smart technology and initiatives that help you better manage the use of energy in your home – such as the award-winning Igloo app we introduced last year.

This latest price decrease came into effect on March 13th, and is expected to save customers an extra £36 per year – on top of the average £340 customers already save annually by switching their energy supply to us.

So, What About Electricity?

We’re glad you asked.

In actual fact, electricity wholesale prices, like gas, have also dropped since December – something that’s been attributed once again to the milder than average UK winter and record breaking warm spells during February.

However, on the electricity side of things specifically, increasing network and policy costs mean that, regardless of the unit rate decrease, prices for electricity are up overall.

We didn’t feel that our electricity-only customers should have to miss out on savings because of rising industry costs, so we lowered our electricity standing charge.

Other Ways We Help Our Customers Save Money on Their Energy Bills

These price reductions represent just one of the ways we’re committed to helping our customers lower their energy usage and bring the overall cost of their bills down year-on-year. But we also offer a variety of products to help Igloo Pioneer account holders gain more visibility and control over their energy consumption, all of which are aimed at reducing bills even more.

These include our money-saving Me & My Home service, which you can access via your online account, allowing you to better understand your energy consumption, and receive bespoke recommendations aimed at reducing your overall consumption. (you can read more about Me & My Home here)

We also offer all Igloo customers the chance to ‘give £50 and get £50’ through our Refer-A-Friend scheme, earning you £50 every time a new Igloo customer switches their energy supply to us using your personal referral link.

These initiatives are just two of the recent ways we’ve sought to constantly add to our customer experience at Igloo, and help make energy prices even cheaper. This year will bring the imminent roll-out of our second-generation Smart meters, so if you’re not yet an Igloo customer, it’s an exciting time to switch your energy supply to us.

To see how much you could save by switching to Igloo, simply click here and enter your postcode.