£50 Free for You, Your Family, AND Friends (Yes Really)

We know what you’re thinking, free money, what’s the catch? If we weren’t the bearers of this great news ourselves we’d probably be equally as dubious.

But you should know by now that we never make false promises, nor do we dangle tempting offers then make our customers jump through hoops to receive them. Those types of crafty ploys have never been our style at Igloo.

That’s why when we say free money (and we did say free money) we not only mean it, we also make good on that promise too. It’s all part of our approach to making energy more transparent, honest, and equal for everyone.

Over the past year (and a bit) we’ve welcomed thousands of new customers on the journey to a better energy future. But we know there’s still a long way to go before all UK households are getting the fair energy supply we know is possible. That’s why we want to help that journey along a little faster but it’s not a mission we can take on alone. Which is precisely the reason we’ve just launched our Refer-a-friend reward scheme.

Fresh from launching our Seedrs Crowdfunding campaign, our Refer-a-friend scheme is the first step in a new long-term reward programme we’re rolling out for Igloo customers, which complements other benefits we already offer, including 3% Interest Reward on all credit balances, and one simple and fair tariff. 

Recently we sent out an email to everyone in our Igloo network, revealing details of our new initiative for the very first time. But we know that enthusiastic junk folders can sometimes gobble emails up. So we thought we’d explain the ins and outs here, in a little more detail, for anyone who might have missed the memo.

So, about this free £50 we mentioned…

We don’t believe in over complicating anything at Igloo so our referrals scheme is very simple. Refer a friend, family member, or colleague to Igloo and 30 days after their first direct debit clears we’ll credit £50 to their Igloo Reward account. But our generosity doesn’t end there, we’ll also credit £50 to your Igloo Reward account at the same time. So it’s a win-win all round. 

This “give £50, get £50” reward is 100% unlimited. So, you’ll receive another £50 for every new person who joins our Igloo network, because of a direct referral you make. Meaning, if you refer one person each month, you could be well on your way to enjoying a years’ worth of free energy.

There are a few T&C’s that we’ve put together for the scheme included in section 17, which you can read here. Your friend must still be on supply 30 days after their supply start date, and they must sign up using the referral link provided. If they don’t then they aren’t eligible for the reward.  

Steps to Refer a Friend

Start Building Your Balance Today

Getting started with our Refer-a-friend scheme couldn’t be easier. In fact, the process is so straightforward; you just need to follow these three steps:

  1. Log in to your account online here – (app support to follow shortly).

  2. Click on the new “Rewards” tab to access your unique referral link.

  3. Share this link through Facebook, Twitter and/or email.

Et voila! You’ve just successfully referred a friend to Igloo. From this point forward the ball’s in their court. All we can hope is that your chosen one likes the sound of what we do, and what we stand for, so much that they make the leap from their supplier to our Igloo family.

We’ll notify you over email if the referral has been successful, so there’s no need to keep badgering your buddy or relative to sign up once you’ve sent them the link. If they see the value in what we’re offering we’ve no doubt that, just like you, they’ll leap in feet first.

The Future of Rewards at Igloo

Our refer-a-friend programme is just the first in a long line of customer rewards we’re planning to implement at Igloo over the coming weeks and months. Your Reward Account will be available shortly where you can see all the referrals you have made.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can still earn 3% Interest Reward on all credit balances with us, and our single Igloo Pioneer tariff means you’ll always pay the same fair price for your energy as every Igloo customer in your distribution area. These, along with our forthcoming initiatives to lower gas and electricity usage, are just a couple of ways we’re proud to do energy differently at Igloo.