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Dual energy tariffs - should you get one?

Do you get your electricity and gas from two separate energy companies? What if we told you, you could get both fuels from a single supplier and it might save you money? We thought that’d get your attention! Read on to find out what dual fuel energy tariffs are and why you should get one.

What does dual fuel tariff mean?

A dual fuel tariff simply means you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier on a single plan.

It benefits your energy supplier in the form of extra revenue. Hence why your supplier has likely mentioned their dual fuel tariffs to you a few times already!

But it also benefits you. Dual fuel tariffs are considered time-saving, easier to manage and a lot more convenient. You’ll only receive one bill and have one energy company to deal with. Sounds good, right?

That’s not all. Dual fuel tariffs also come with extra discounts on your gas and electricity costs and who doesn’t like to save money?

Saving money with dual fuel tariffs

While getting gas and electricity from two separate plans may appear cheaper when comparing prices online, this isn’t always the case. Many energy suppliers provide a discount to customers on a dual fuel tariff to reduce the combined cost of their gas and electricity.

The discount may appear as a percentage taken off your bill each month or at the end of the year. It could also come in the form of a cheaper energy unit rate or cashback. Ask your supplier about the type of discount they offer to dual fuel customers.

If you’re not sure what type of energy tariff to go for, try different energy suppliers and get a quote on their websites. Do your research and compare energy prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Check out our handy energy tariffs guide and discover our convenient and cost-effective dual fuel energy plan - the Igloo Pioneer.

Other benefits of dual fuel energy tariffs

Saving money isn’t the only benefit of dual fuel tariffs - they’re also designed to make life easier.

When you’re busy, little things like only receiving one bill, paying one direct debit and having one point of contact can make such a difference. If you’ve got a query about your energy bill, need to update your address or switch bank accounts, you only have to ring one number or send one email. It saves time (and stress), allowing you to focus on more important (and fun) stuff.

Dual fuel FAQs

Now you know what a dual fuel tariff is and how it could benefit you, you’ve likely got questions about switching over. Take a look below to find your answers.

How do I know if I have a dual fuel or single fuel tariff?

You will not be on a dual fuel plan if you get your gas and energy from two different suppliers. To switch, compare energy deals online and choose the best dual fuel tariff for you. If you’re on a variable tariff you can switch straight away. However, if you’re tied into a fixed energy tariff, it’s wise to wait until you have fewer than 49 days left on your contract to avoid paying any exit fees.

Even if you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier it’s worth double-checking you’re on a dual fuel tariff. The easiest way to do this is to look at your energy bills or statements. Your gas and electricity charges should be supplied on a single bill under a ‘dual fuel tariff.’ If your energy bill doesn’t show this, call your supplier to find out whether you could save money by switching to a dual fuel tariff.

Can I get a dual fuel tariff from any energy supplier?

There are currently over 40 different energy suppliers offering dual fuel energy tariffs for gas and electricity. If you feel you would benefit from a dual fuel plan, research and compare a few deals to decide on the best one for you.

If you’re keen to keep things simple, be sure to take a look at our dual fuel energy plan. Our competitively-priced variable energy tariff is designed to make getting your gas and electricity as straightforward as possible.

We don’t offer misleading teaser rates or tie our customers into lengthy contracts with expensive exit fees. Instead, we offer the easy choice of an electricity only or dual fuel variable tariff, with the promise that you’ll always receive our best rate.

Will I still get the same gas and electricity on a dual fuel tariff?

Being on a dual fuel energy plan won’t change the gas and electricity delivered to your home. No matter your energy supplier, they’ll use the same pipes and wires.

The only thing that’s likely to change is the price you’re paying for them. Most energy suppliers will offer a discount for dual fuel tariffs, as a way of thanking you for choosing them to supply both fuels.

Am I eligible for a dual fuel plan?

If you use both mains electricity and mains gas, you can switch to a dual fuel tariff.

However, if you only use mains electricity but not mains gas, then there’s no point in signing for a dual fuel plan as it’s likely you use either electricity for your heating and hot water, or another fuel such as oil, solid fuel or bottled gas instead.

Can I benefit from dual fuel rates on a prepayment meter?

It’s possible to get dual fuel rates on a prepayment meter but it’s not always the most cost-effective option. Prepayment energy is usually more expensive. If you’re able to pay for your dual fuel tariff by direct debit, you’re likely to get a much better deal.

Is it easy to switch to a dual fuel contract?

Switching to a dual fuel plan is very easy but there are different ways to go about it.

One option is to see if your current gas or electricity supplier has a dual fuel tariff. If they do, and you’re happy with the price, you can simply request to switch to it.

The second option is to shop around for the best deal on dual fuel prices first. You may find it more cost-effective to switch to a completely new supplier. This is still a quick and easy process.

  • Have bills from your current gas and electricity suppliers to hand so you have a price to compare

  • Get a quote from different energy suppliers by telling them about your energy usage

  • Decide which quote works best for you and sign up with a new energy supplier

  • Pay your final bill to your old supplier and take a meter reading

  • Enjoy cheaper energy bills on your new dual fuel tariff

Your new energy supplier will take care of the switch within 21 days, and don’t worry, there’ll be no disruption to your supply. At Igloo we are part of the Energy Switch Guarantee,

Please note: If you are on a variable tariff you can switch to a dual fuel energy tariff at any time. If you are on a fixed energy tariff and want to switch suppliers, you will need to wait until your contract is within 49 days of ending to avoid paying an exit fee.

If you are coming to the end of your fixed energy tariff, it’s important to compare the energy tariffs out there and choose a deal. If you don’t, your current energy supplier may roll you on to their standard variable tariff, which is unlikely to be the best deal for gas and electricity.

Can I get green energy on a dual fuel tariff?

It is possible to get green electricity on a dual fuel tariff. Igloo is committed to supplying customers with 100% renewable electricity.

Other ways to save money on energy

While switching to a dual fuel tariff is likely to save money on your energy bills, there are some other easy ways to cut costs too…

  • Consider replacing an old boiler (15 years+) with a newer model or opt for an air source heat pump

  • Check electrical appliances are running efficiently

  • Insulate your roof and walls

  • Use draught excluders

  • Replace old windows with double glazing

  • Turn off appliances properly (don’t leave them on standby)

  • Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature (30˚)

  • Take regular meter readings for more accurate energy bills

At Igloo, we also recommend smart thermostats to help make your home more efficient and cost less to run. Our smart thermostat works with 95% of heating systems and is the best way to take control of your energy usage.

Check out more resources on how to save energy and lower your carbon footprint.

Dual energy tariffs - should you get one?

Do you use both electric and mains gas for hot water and to heat your home? Want to make paying for your energy quick and simple? Like saving money? If your answers to these questions is yes, then a dual energy tariff sounds like a great option for you.

Start your search with the Igloo Pioneer tariff. Our competitively-priced dual fuel tariff comes with 100% renewable electricity - meaning you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet too! Best rates & renewable electricity. It’s a win-win.