We took the decision in March to suspend all upcoming smart meter installs, a decision made to keep our customers and engineers safe, our number one priority.

As things slowly return to a form of normality we’re able to continue installing smart meters. We’ve made a number of changes to keep you and our engineers safe, following strict social distancing rules.

We’re partnered with expert installers Magnum Utilities who will provide your install with our customer service team on hand as always to answer any post appointment questions.

We’ll be running on a slightly reduced number of appointments initially, and slowly increasing this number. If you’re interested in booking a smart meter appointment then we will be in contact when we’re opening up in your area once again. If you had a booking cancelled during lockdown then we’ll be in contact soon to arrange a new install date that works for you.

We’d now like to take you through the measures we’ve put in place to keep you safe, these are in addition to our standard installation safety procedures and will help us to continue delivering excellent standards of service and quality.

Before your appointment

• In the days leading up to your install you’ll receive a call from Magnum. This call will be used to confirm that no one in the property is considered to be in a vulnerable or at-risk health category. You’ll be asked to confirm that no one in your household is self-isolating or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

• Before approaching your door the engineer will sanitise their hands using alcohol-based sanitiser, this will always be carried by them. They will also wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which will include a face mask, disposable gloves, safety goggles and shoe covers.

• They will then knock on your door and step 2 metres back to await your answer. They’ll check that you’re happy to go ahead with the installation and confirm an adult over 18 is present for the duration of the install.

During your appointment

• Once you have let the engineer know the location of your meters, they can begin the install. We ask that you stay in a separate room (if possible) and continue to practice social distancing for the entirety of the visit. Where possible the engineer will always stay at least two metres from you and any household occupants.

• Before and after the installation the engineer will wipe down the area around your meter with alcohol-based wipes. They will also ensure good ventilation where possible, this may include asking you to open a window, and we ask that you do this where possible and safe to do so.

• They will install your In-Home Display (IHD) which will allow you to start enjoying the benefits of your smart meter. This will be cleaned with an alcohol-based wipe.

• We will be limiting the time engineers spend in your home, so advice about how to get the most out of your new smart meter will be emailed to you and an information card left.

• Your appointment is now complete!

After your appointment

• After every install, to ensure safety between customers, engineers will remove and safely dispose of their gloves and shoe covers, they will also reapply hand sanitiser.

• They will dispose of all waste appropriately.

• The glasses and mask will be cleaned using alcohol-based wipes.

• Should you have any further questions regarding your appointment, our customer service team are on hand for any questions at a later date.

We’re pleased to be restarting installations and look forward to bringing smart meter technology and its benefits to you soon. We hope that we’ve answered any of your questions, in the meantime you can learn more about smart meters at our dedicated FAQ page and if you do ever need to speak to us you can call us on 0333 405 5555.

We hope you continue to stay safe!