We’re Launching Our Crowdfunding Campaign Soon!

You may have heard recently that we’ve launched the pre-registration for our first round of crowdfunding, together with Seedrs, one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding platforms. We aim to generate investment and continue the great progress we have made so far, in building Igloo Energy and our technology based energy platform. We wanted to give our valued Igloo customers the chance to invest in our future successes and this is why we have chosen to take the crowdfunding route.

Investing involves risks inc loss capital. The below FAQs have been approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What is Crowdfunding?

You may have seen or heard of the term “crowdfunding” before, which you will often see commonly associated with tech start ups, new emerging products, and companies with a unique vision for their particular market (like us). But what exactly is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is essentially a different way of investing to the traditional process of asking for a large sum of money from a small group of investors or single investor. Crowdfunding flips how we approach business investing on it’s head, and looks at it from an opposite perspective.

Traditionally you would approach investors that included banks, or venture capital firms, this meant your investment opportunities were limited, both in terms of reach and overall investment opportunity. Whereas with crowdfunding you are given a single platform (in our case Seedrs) to share your pitch and brand with a large pool of potential investors, and reach interested parties quickly.

The ability to interact with potential investors through the platform and to give the opportunity for our own Igloo customers to invest, we think, makes a great opportunity.

Why Invest In Igloo?

Igloo Energy is a new type of energy supplier, we use data and technology to help reduce the cost and hassle in running a home.

The cost of energy for a home is complicated and doing something about it takes time and effort. For too long, customers have been forced to switch their energy supplier regularly to ensure they get a fair deal on price, but with limited information about why and how they use energy in their home.

We think it’s time for a change. We’ve built an energy company that doesn’t want to sell electricity and gas. Our business model is designed to help our customers reduce the amount of energy they use, making their home efficient and cost less to run.

What is Pre-Registration?

The pre-registration process allows us to work out who is looking to invest in Igloo, and to develop a priority list for when our investment page, and campaign go live on Seedrs. Pre-registration allows potential investors to register their interest, so they’re at the front of the queue for when the campaign goes live.

Pre-registration also allows us to gather a more accurate picture of potential investor numbers.

How Can I Pre-Register?

You can click the link here and simply fill out the form. All of our customers and supporters will also be receiving emails to let them access the pre-registration. As well as this, for those just joining as customers we will be publishing the link on our website and across our social channels.

Who Can Invest?

At present, you don’t absolutely have to be an Igloo customer to invest in this crowdfunding round, you simply need to ensure you register your interest in the pre-registration and register with Seedrs. Depending on how many people register, we may consider limiting the overall amount an individual can invest and will give those who are a customer of Igloo Energy priority.

Who Are Seedrs?

In short, Seedrs is Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platform. Allowing investors from a variety of backgrounds to easily invest in innovative startups and growth based businesses. There’s been some great Seedrs success stories including digital banking alternative Revolut. And even for a small investment you will be given the opportunity to own shares in Igloo.

Source: (https://www.seedrs.com/learn/help/what-is-seedrs

How Do You Invest Through Seedrs?

  1. Follow the link to our campaign you will receive in our email or on our website.

  2. Ensure you have signed up to our pre-registration page, this way you will know when our campaign goes live.

  3. Fill out your personal details, and register with Seedrs.

  4. Choose your investor profile (Seedrs will give you advice on which profile to select)

  5. Click invest.

  6. As part of FCA regulation you may be asked to pass a Know Your Customer (KYC) screening. Once this is done, input how much you would like to invest.

What Do I Do After Pre Registration?

Firstly, you will need to sign up to Seedrs (https://www.seedrs.com), this is to make sure that when we go live with our campaign, you are in a position and registered to make an investment. There will be a short sign up process and a few pieces of information required by Seedrs to get your account ready to invest.

What Are the Risks of Investing in Equity?

All investments carry varying degrees of risk, and investing in early-stage and growth-focused businesses is no different. The main risk associated with investing is that the business will simply fail, and investors won’’t get their money back. Illiquidity is another consideration because, even if the business succeeds, investors are unlikely to receive dividends or be able to sell their shares for a number of years. There is also a risk of dilution: if a business requires further capital in the future (a highly likely scenario), and issues more shares in exchange for that capital, the percentage of equity held by earlier investors will decrease. Please take a look at the Seedrs Risk Warning for more information.