The Upsides to Uplifting Your Energy With Us

If there’s one thing you can guarantee in wintertime (besides darker evenings and the return of Strictly Come Dancing to our Screens) it’s that fuel usage will go up in every household. It’s just one of those unfortunate winter side effects. Like having to triple up on layers each time you leave the house (or on occasion when you’re sitting inside it).

Winter’s cold snap means a return to switching our radiators on, which inevitably (like all gas or electrical appliances) uses fuel to function. In fact, heating our homes in winter is one of the biggest influencing factors of bill spikes during October-April.

But contrary to what other energy suppliers might have you believe higher energy consumption doesn’t have to automatically equal large, surprise bills at the end of winter. 

You see at Igloo we help our customers spread the cost of their bills evenly throughout the year. So when winter does arrive you have accrued enough credit balance from the summer to cover the cost of your increased energy usage in the winter. So there’s no danger of your account falling into debit because of underpayments.

Pretty smart huh?

So What Is a “Winter Uplift” and Why Do I Need It?

If you’ve just switched to us, and this is your first winter as an Igloo customer, first of all hi! Secondly you’ll notice we’ve included a 20% optional uplift to your monthly direct debit. Let’s be clear: this isn’t a price hike and you’re 100% free to opt out (as detailed in your welcome email) whenever you like (honestly, just notify us here).

The reason we recommend this uplift for new Igloo customers is simple:

Because you’ve just joined us you won’t have an account topped up with lots of lovely credit like our customers who signed up in summer. Your balance will essentially be at zero, so there’s no buffer to cover the cost of increased bills in winter. And even though we quote you based on your estimated annual consumption, starting your account at the most energy intensive part of the year, with no credit balance, would most likely result in your account building a debit. We want to take a proactive approach and stop this from happening to begin with. 

In fact, to demonstrate just how much winter influences annual average fuel usage, we’ve come up with this handy graph which clearly shows the impact energy consumption in winter has on bills annually. (Values are for a typical Igloo customer)

Typical Monthly Energy Use

This is why we give all our new winter customers the flexible option to increase their direct debit throughout October to April by 20%. Just to ensure your account stays in credit when it matters most. And of course let’s not forget you also earn 3% interest reward on all your account credit with us. So it pays (quite literally) to put a little more away each month if you can.

Is the Uplift Optional?

If you’re not OK with the uplift, we’re not either. So please tell us immediately if you want this optional 20% increase removed and it’s gone. Just like that. No arguments from us. That’s not how we do things here at Igloo. Just like we don’t tie our customers into long-term contracts or charge exit fees.

If you do decide to take off the winter uplift we’ve applied to your account however (again, just click here) we’d recommend keeping a close eye on your balance each month to ensure everything is hunky-dory and up to date. We’ll also check in every three months from our end as well, and if a change to your direct debit is needed we’ll be in touch to give you a heads up. 

You can also make one-off payments to top-up your account at times when you fall a little short too. So there’s more than one way to manage your bills, and keep large bills at bay, with us this wintertime.

Ultimately our goal at Igloo is to help customers save money and use less energy, driven by technology. Which is the reason behind our single-tariff approach. Making it straightforward, fair, and transparent. As well as introducing our Igloo smartphone app so customers can manage their account on the move.