Working from home with Team Igloo

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how all of us live our daily lives and it’s safe to say that in recent weeks we’ve all had some adjusting to do, as businesses, as nations and as people. Our brave doctors, nurses, and other front line staff across the UK continue to battle the biggest emergency our nation has faced in recent history, and as we enter our sixth week of being confined to our homes we thought we’d take a few moments to look back at how we’ve adapted as a business, maintained our high level of service, and offered support for our valued members of staff.

We’ve all been working from home since the 18th of March, and we’re incredibly proud of the collective effort everyone has put in during this period, maintaining the same level of service, and continuing to offer support for any customers experiencing difficulties.

The last few weeks has really displayed the potential of remote working, and the importance of different technologies available to us, technologies we perhaps may have taken for granted in the past, Zoom is a particular favourite and has become an essential part of our daily routine, allowing our teams to have planning sessions and continue their progress on developing new products and features to help our customers.

It’s always been our aim at Igloo to provide a welcoming, supportive and engaging office environment, we want our staff to enjoy their time at Igloo, and love coming to work each day. We also want our staff to have fun and part of this comes from our regular work socials, and activities for staff, usually organised by our very own social committee. We’ve continued to run these regular socials in the remote world, with some of the favourites being virtual yoga, bingo, and our weekly company update.

We caught up with four members of Team Igloo (including some of our newest faces) to hear about their personal experiences of the last few weeks.

Daze - Software Engineer

David | Software Engineer

Joined the team: September 2019

Describe your role:I ensure the continued operation of all web & mobile platforms, as well as rolling out new features to make our customer’s lives easier, whilst also helping them to save on their energy usage & bills.  

How has your routine adapted since you’ve been working from home?It hasn’t changed too much! Being a tech geek, I tend to prefer email & Slack as my communication methods rather than face-to-face most of the time! My commute is certainly more favorable now though! 

How have you found working with the team remotely?Really great! I worked remotely for 7 years in my previous role, and the Igloo team has adapted faster & better than I could ever have imagined! We have a quick catch-up morning call with the tech team, and then we’re left to continue with our day. 

How have Igloo supported you during this time?We have a weekly company-wide conference call every Friday, which is usually very informal & fun. Occasionally Matt, our CEO, will kick-off the meeting with a company update. His updates are nice to receive & it feels good to absorb all the info from all aspects of the company & its departments. 

What’s been your favorite social activity with the team?Being a parent to a 2-year-old, I don’t have a huge amount of spare time outside of work, but on occasion I’ve joined in with the weekly online games & quiz nights which are fun. Albeit, I’m terrible at them!! 

What has been your favorite thing to cook?Haha, I don’t cook! My wife is a fantastic cook though; so she’s the one that feeds us! 

Learnt anything new while being at home?Hmm. I think my DIY skills have improved! In the past few weeks I’ve managed to decorate one of our spare rooms & make a small vegetable garden – both of which have been on my to-do list for months!  

We’ve seen lots of great home workouts in recent weeks, what’s working for you?I joined in with the ‘planking challenge’ just last week which was fun! The ‘Igloo workouts’ group is always posting new stuff, I should really check it out more when I have time! 

Daisy | Learning & Development Lead

Daisy | Learning & Development Lead

Joined the team: May 2017

Describe your role:I support new employees at Igloo and make sure they have everything they need to succeed in their roles here. I lead activities and share my knowledge of how we do things at Igloo. 

How has your routine adapted since you’ve been working from home?I’ve had to totally adapt what I do in my role because before working from home I delivered training sessions to our employees face to face. I have had to get to grips with Zoom calls, screen sharing and recording short video clips to help our new employees familiarize themselves with their roles. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I’ve tried to make the most of the technology we have available to us. 

How have you found working with the team remotely?  I’ve really enjoyed supporting the team remotely and I think Igloo has adapted and embraced the challenges that come with working from home. It’s forced me to think more creatively in terms of how I deliver training sessions. 

How have Igloo supported you during this time: I’ve really enjoyed keeping things fun with bingo and a big company quiz. It’s important to keep those social connections going even though we are physically apart and to have uplifting activities to look forward to. 

What’s been your favorite social activity with the team? One of the things I have enjoyed most was taking it in turns to take people on ‘house tours’ of our homes, like MTV cribs. Satisfying curiosity and giving a unique insight into everyone’s home life. It’s been interesting to see home and work life intersect more than ever before. 

What has been your favorite thing to cook? Monday night fajita night – always a classic.  

Learnt anything new while being at home? I’ve started working on an embroidery project which I’m really enjoying – it’s not something I’ve tried before but I’ve found it relaxing to be working on something creative and I will have something to show for it at the end.  

We’ve seen lots of great home workouts in recent weeks, what’s working for you? I just go for one long walk a day – about 4 miles and I have been discovering some peaceful nature spots on my doorstep I did not know about so that has been a bonus of being forced to discover new things at home. 

Luke | Energy Associate

Luke | Energy Associate

Joined the team: April 2020

Describe your role:I communicate with customers over email to answer any questions they have and support them in resolving any issues that pop up, and soon I’ll be on the phones to do the same! 

How has your routine adapted since you’ve been working from home?I started at the company two days before we went remote, so I don’t feel like I ever had a routine at the office to begin with! In some ways this has probably been an advantage as everyone is in the same boat of learning new working methods.  

How have you found working with the team remotely?It’s been great knowing that everyone is just a message away. It’s been very strange working alongside people that I’ve never met in person, but they’ve made me feel so welcome. I’m especially enjoying discussing things with my fellow new starters, it feels like this has really brought us together and we’re always asking each other questions and sharing feedback on our experiences.  

How have Igloo supported you during this time:The training has been handled amazingly. I feel like Igloo has really made the most of the technology available to us, which I’m absolutely adoring as an introverted tech nerd. We’ve had zoom calls, slack chats, videos, pictures, everything you could think of. We also inspired a new Feedback Friday where the entire company shares some positive things they’ve been up to over the week. It’s been great getting a feel for all the different departments.  

What’s been your favorite social activity with the team?I’m not exactly a social butterfly, but the random dog pictures that are being shared in our casual chat channel bring me great joy. We’re also playing games in some of our team meetings, like pictionary and a scavenger hunt (which I won). 

What has been your favorite thing to cook?I have an amazing recipe for homemade burgers. It’s one of two things I am capable of cooking, the other being omelettes! 

Learnt anything new while being at home?I’m working on writing a book, and I’ve got a lot more free time to write now! I’ve been listening to podcasts by my favourite authors and I’m planning on re-reading some of my favourite books soon. 

We’ve seen lots of great home workouts in recent weeks, what’s working for you?Pacing round the flat and talking to myself is a long standing favourite. The Igloo workout challenges are great, but there’s no way I can compete against the company’s finest! 

Deb | Head of Customer Service

Deb | Head of Customer Service  

Joined the team: April 2020

Describe your role:To lead, manage and continually improve the service experience, for both our teams and our customers. 

How has your routine adapted since you’ve been working from home?Well having started my interview process with Igloo on the day the company started working remotely, all of my interactions with Igloo have been remote, so no adapting required. The commute right now is working well for me! I think I’ll have some adapting to do once we are all back in the office. 

How have you found working with the team remotely? This is now my fourth week at Igloo but I honestly feel as though I’ve been here for ages, I’ve felt that welcomed and supported. All credit to Daisy and all the others involved in the training programme, who have been delivering remotely so effectively.  

How have Igloo supported you during this time:The support has been great. The scene was set with Declan arriving with my IT equipment at my front door the Friday before I was due to start, and Sean talking me through the set-up about 30 minutes later so I could hit the ground running with training on Monday morning. What a great introduction to Igloo as a company. This has continued with being welcomed into the team and the great contact, communication and help from the team.  

What’s been your favorite social activity with the team? The only social activity I’ve participated in so far is the company briefing so I guess I need to do something about that! 

What has been your favorite thing to cook?Hmm I’m not the cook in our house – my husband does all the cooking. I don’t mind a bit of baking and I’m big into plant based whole foods, so quite often make a few Deliciously Ella sweet treats. 

Learnt anything new while being at home?Not really but I’m definitely spending my time differently, most of which is in a really good way. I’ve also just discovered Brene Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us, which I’m loving. 

We’ve seen lots of great home workouts in recent weeks, what’s working for you?Ok so this is another area I probably need to do something about! I enjoy Yoga and Pilates and I hear there’s a lunchtime yoga workout going on at work which I’ll have to check out. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our experiences over the last few weeks, and we hope you continue to stay safe! In the event you do need our support, we’re always here and you can read about how we’re supporting our customers through COVID-19 here.