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Customer stories

In-depth interviews with some of our customers. From what motivated them to look into low-carbon heating to their install experience and what it's like to live with an air source heat pump.

Charlotte, Brighton

Image of an air source heat pump on the outside of a home

Charlotte, Brighton

Charlotte, her husband and their 2 children have had an air source heat pump installed, along with a new hot water cylinder, able to cope with the demands of a busy family home. Get a first-hand account of their experience and how the family got on with their new low-carbon heating.

Meet Alistair

“A straightforward measure to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Alistair had his air source heat pump installed in 2019

What is a hybrid air source heat pump solution?

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Some more feedback we've collected over the years

Rufus, Somerset

"Really appreciated the attentive customer support through all stages of the process, particularly post completion. Happy customer."

Chris, Wiltshire

"Works well, when used as designed. There was a good handover and information on how it worked differently from a traditional boiler."

Julie, Buckinghamshire

"Overall, we think we have saved money in comparison to what we would have paid this winter for heating oil."

Chloe, Bristol

"I highly recommend both the technology and the company."

Fiona, Norfolk

"The ASHP is running as expected and we are very pleased with its performance so far."

Lee, Oxfordshire

"The unit out in the garden is surprisingly quiet."

Midea air source heat pump

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