Igloo Energy Supply Limited has ceased to trade

On 3 October 2021 Ofgem transferred the customers of Igloo Energy Supply Limited, trading as Igloo Energy, to E.ON Next as part of the Ofgem Supplier of Last Resort (“SoLR”) regulated process. From 3 October all Igloo Energy customers are now being supplied energy by E.ON Next.

On 7 October 2021, Rob Croxen and Jonny Marston of Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP were] appointed as Joint Administrators to Igloo Energy. The affairs, business and property of Igloo Energy are being managed by the Joint Administrators, who act as agents of Igloo Energy without personal liability.

Frequently asked questions (“FAQ”)

Below is a set of frequently asked questions which provide further guidance. This should be read in conjunction with the frequently asked questions issued by E.ON Next ( A warm welcome to all Igloo Energy customers ).

As a customer what do I need to do?

You should have now received a final balance statement from Igloo Energy and E.ON Next will be in touch about your new account.

If your final statement is in debit then this must be paid by 21st January 2022 or your account will be transferred to Barratt Smith & Brown Limited (Barratt Smith Brown) who have been appointed by the Joint Administrators to collect any outstanding balances on Igloo Energy accounts.

If your final balance statement is in credit then your credit balance has now been transferred to E.ON Next and it will be visible in your first statement from them. Contact details for E.ON Next can be found on their website https://www.eonnext.com/igloo-energy and any questions about your ongoing energy supply or credit balances can be directed to them.

You can find E.ON Next’s FAQs for Igloo Energy customers at www.eonnext.com/igloo-energy

What happens to any outstanding payments/debts due to Igloo Energy?

You should now have received a final closing balance and bill statement and, if your direct debit mandate is still active, then this will be collected 14 days (10 working days) after you receive your final bill notification.

If it is not possible to collect your final balance from your direct debit then you will need to log onto your account and make payment online by 21st January 2022.

If you have an outstanding balance on your account after 21st January then Barratt Smith Brown have been appointed by the Joint Administrators of Igloo Energy to recover outstanding amounts due from customers. Barratt Smith Brown are authorised by the Joint Administrators to contact customers and arrange for payment of outstanding balances. Barratt Smith Brown's contact details are:

Barratt Smith Brown will always include your name, address and account number in any correspondence with you.

What happens if I have a credit balance or I want a credit refund after a final bill?

E.ON Next, will be providing a refunds of funds that existing and former customers have paid into accounts where there is a valid credit balance. You can visit www.eonnext.com/igloo-energy for further information regarding credit balances.

If you are a former customer and switched to a different supplier before Igloo Energy ceased to trade then E.ON Next will be in touch if you had a valid credit balance and let you know when you can expect to receive your cheque. They are working hard to return your credit balance to you as soon as possible, however, this may take some time.

If you are an existing customer then your supply has now been switched to E.ON Next and we are working with E.ON Next to transfer valid credit balances. Once your credit balance has been transferred to E.ON Next then your credit will appear on your account and you can discuss refund requests with the team at E.ON Next.

Any queries about credit balances can be discussed with the E.ON Next team. Igloo Energy is no longer able to support you on any queries in regards to credit balances.

What will happen to my Direct Debit?

From 8th November onwards you may notice that your Direct Debit subscription (your regular monthly payment to Igloo Energy) has been cancelled. However your Direct Debit mandate (the bit that lets Igloo Energy take funds from your account) will remain live until you've received your final balance and bill from us.

If your final bill is in debit then these amounts will be collected by Direct Debit or you can make payment via your online account.

If your final bill is in credit then, in line with Ofgem's Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR) process, valid credit funds on your account are protected. You can visit www.eonnext.com/igloo-energy for further information regarding credit balances.

Your direct debit has not been transferred to E.ON Next. This means that you will have to set up a new direct debit payment plan directly with them. E.ON Next has already emailed all customers explaining how to do this. E.ON Next offer a discounted tariff to customer that pay by direct debit so we recommend you set one up quickly to make sure you're on their best deal.

Where do I find the meter readings you used to close my account?

Meter readings can be found by logging in to your E.ON Next account and clicking on 'View meter reading history' under meter readings in the main dashboard. If you haven't already registered for an online account, check your emails for a welcome email from E.ON Next.

What happens if I’m moving to a new house?

If you are about to move to a new house, then E.ON Next will now be managing your energy supply. They will be in contact with you in due course and you will need to notify them regarding a change of address. If your move out date was before Igloo Energy Supply Limited in administration went into administration, assuming you notified Igloo Energy Supply Limited in administration of your move, you should have now received your final bill.

What will happen to my Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)?

As a generator, you need to switch your Feed-in Tariff to another FiT Licensee. You can find a list of all FiT providers on Ofgem’s website and E.ON Next is a FiT Licensee, you can find details at www.eonnext.com/fit

Who can I contact for additional information?

If you need any information regarding your energy supply, you will need to contact your new energy supplier, E.ON Next.

Their website at https://www.eonnext.com/igloo-energy provides useful FAQs and contact details.

If you’d like more information you can also take a look at Ofgem’s Safety Net FAQs .

What do I do if there is something wrong with my gas or power supply?

If there is something wrong with your gas or power supply you need to contact your new energy supplier, E.ON Next. In an emergency situation please refer to www.eonnext.com/help/emergencies

Igloo Works, the heat pump installation business continues, to operate as normal. If you are trying to get in touch with them, please use works@igloo.energy or call 0333 016 4500.