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Our mission is to help make our customers’ homes smarter, more efficient and cost less to run while helping the world get a cleaner energy system

It might seem obvious, but traditional energy companies make more money when you buy more energy. We don’t think this is in your best interest, we think there is a better way. Through providing you with a mix of technology & analysing data on how you use energy in your home, we want to help you use as little energy as possible.

We propose to do this through 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide you with a competitive tariff
  2. Capture data on your energy usage
  3. Offer smart energy products and services based on data unique to your home

You can start with just a simple electricity tariff with us, or over time buy more products & services that help reduce how much your home uses.

By analysing your data, we will be able to help you make the right decisions when the time comes to replace things like boilers, white goods and lighting in your home.

Learning about how your home uses energy, how much you need and then being smarter about how and when we buy your energy, we will be sure to get you the best deal.

Our team are new to the energy markets but have a strong background in using technology to make things work smarter and better for consumers. Come join us and make the switch to the only energy company whose business model is aligned with your interests.

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Sit back & save energy

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