“It’s a funny thing fear. It can hold us back from doing so many things. Most of which would actually enrich our lives for the better”.


And yet, instead of taking a leap of faith, we just stay put. After all, better safe than sorry right?

Actually, no.

Most fears are based on incorrect assumptions. Old wives tales and Chinese whispers. Like, for example, the ones you hear about changing energy supplier.

So, we’re here to put those myths to bed once and for all. To show you there’s nothing to be feared from switching. But there is so very much to be gained.


Myth #1: I won’t save any money

There isn’t a customer yet who hasn’t seen their annual bills go down by switching with us. In fact, our average customer saving is £343 per year. Not bad eh?

Just think what you could do with 343 extra pounds in your pocket…

Take that fear of flying course perhaps?


Myth #2: It takes time and effort

Well, you’re right there. It does take time to switch. A whole 5 minutes to be exact. But effort? You can do it over the phone, or online, so no hassle there.

Plus, when you switch your energy to us we take care of everything. We’ll have the awkward “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation with your old supplier. Telling them of your intention to move on and letting them down gently.

But, we will need 1 thing from you in return: a meter reading.

If you think you can spare us 5 minutes and a meter reading for the sake of saving up to £343 a year on your gas and electricity bills, we promise to take care of the rest. And have you set up in no less than 21 days.

The changeover will be so smooth; you won’t even know it’s happened.


Myth #3: I’ll be charged an exit fee

This all depends on your current energy supplier. Some (like us) don’t charge any exit fees whatsoever. And will even let you leave any time you like, so you aren’t tied in.

But yes, it’s true that there are still suppliers out there who penalise you for exiting your contract with them early. However. If you’re within 49 days of your contract’s end date you won’t have to pay a penny.

How so?

OFGEM (the superheroes of the energy world) have a rule that exempts consumers from having to pay exit fees within 49 days of their contract’s termination date.

So if you’re within this bracket you can wave those pesky and unnecessary exit fees goodbye.


Myth #4: Variable tariffs are bad news

There’s such a thing as a variable tariff and a standard variable tariff. And yes, just dropping the word standard does make a world of difference in this case.

Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs) can be the most expensive tariffs in the energy market. If you’re currently on a fixed deal with an energy supplier, you’ll be automatically switched to their Standard Variable Tariff or similar when the deal expires.

We don’t have anything do with this kind of tariff at Igloo.

Our tariff is just variable. Plain and simple. It’s always our most competitive rate. No matter how long you stay with us. And, if our prices ever do happen to change we give you 30 days’ notice.

We constantly monitor the market to ensure we give our customers the very best deal.


Myth #5: There’s got to be a catch

It would seem so wouldn’t it? But no, there’s no catch.

We haven’t told any porky pies about our offer. And there’s no hidden small print to trip you up. That’s one of the reasons why existing Igloo customers have rated us 9.4/10 on and 5 stars on Trust Pilot.

You can read some of the exceptionally nice things they’re saying about us here.



Myth #6: My energy supply will be temporarily cut off

Nope. Wrong again. The switch will be 100% seamless and there’ll be no interruption to your regular gas and electricity supply at any point.

It will even be the very same gas and electricity you consume now running through your pipes.

We’ll take over your bills from the day you start your supply with us and not a day sooner. So you’ll never pay twice for energy you’ve already used.


Myth #7: Hardly anybody switches

A puppy is for life. An energy supplier isn’t. Necessarily. In fact, in December last year alone 400,000 savvy British energy users switched to a new supplier who could save them money.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this article from The Independent about the record number of Brits who switched to a new supplier in 2017. It’s all here in black & white.


Bonus Myth #8: It won’t really take just 5 minutes to switch

Actually yes, it really will. Well, with us at least. We can’t vouch for other suppliers. Just think of us as the speedy Gonzales of home energy. You can even time us if you like.

We guarantee we will do everything we can to ensure switching to Igloo is quick and painless. To see how much you’ll save by switching to us, just type in your postcode here.