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One Year & Still Here
4 Things We’re Thankful for on Igloo’s 1st Birthday

We know what you’re thinking; “a year old already?”  We can hardly believe it either. And yet here we are, with Sir Cliff happily crooning away in the background and our bellies full of cake.

Yep, we’re one all right.

But, as well as celebrating this most eventful of days, we’ve also been reflecting on what a truly one-derful (see what we did there) first year it’s been.

And that, dear friends, is all thanks to you.

You see, without open-minded customers like you, this day would have turned out extremely differently. So, from everyone here on the team, we’d like to say thanks. Not only for believing in us, but also in trusting in what we do. It really does mean an awful lot.

We feel like the luckiest energy suppliers in the world.

In fact, so much has happened here at Igloo over the past year. Most of which has blown our expectations clean out of the water. So (if you’ll indulge us just a little longer) we’d like to reflect on 4 highlights of our first year…

1. Our Customer Satisfaction Score

Great reputations typically take a long time to build. So we’re ecstatic that in just 12 months our customers have propelled us to 5 star status on Trustpilot. And earned us a top 5 spot for electricity suppliers in the UK. Putting us ahead of some of Britain’s largest (and longest serving) providers.

We’ve also received some lovely feedback on consumer forums. Such as this comment from user gwapenut on Money Saving Expert;

“Not just quick replies, but intelligent and proactive customer service. Fantastic”.

 So it’s great to know our dedication to good service, and the in-depth training and support we give our team, is not only recognised, but appreciated too.

2. Bringing Our Customer’s Bills Down

One thing we’re committed to here at Igloo is saving our customers money. And in the last year we’ve managed to reduce the average energy bill by a whopping £350. In fact, we’re so confident in our Pioneer tariff, that you can now find us on price comparison sites like Compare the Market too.

One way we aim to reduce our customer’s bills is with the use of smart technology. Specifically our smart thermostat partner Tado. Not only can customers using Tado see a reduction on their energy bills (up to 31%). But we also offer a £25 account credit to customers who install one too.

And, that’s just the beginning.

Most recently we rolled out our very own Igloo app. With features such as on the go billing, thumb recognition login, and camera meter readings. Over 1000 users have downloaded it so far. And with recognition from media outlets like Utility Week, we couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve received.

Like Tado, our Igloo app is part of a long-term vision to help you understand your energy usage, and make it even easier to manage. So stay tuned for lots more exciting updates ahead.

3. We Launched The Igloo Blog

We’re all about transparency here at Igloo. And what better way to keep our customers in the loop than with our very own blog?

We look to keep the content honest, engaging, useful – and on topic (we hope you agree). But, if there is something specific you’d like us to write about then by all means drop us a line: team@igloo.energy.

Sharing is caring after all. And all (reasonably sensible) ideas are welcome.

4. Our Little Family Has Grown Bigger – And Better

Igloo started life as a small company with big ideas. But over the past year our customer base and growth has gone from strength to strength. So our team has had to grow too.

More hands on deck doesn’t diminish what we do though. It just means we can keep offering the same great level of service our customers expect. Something you can rest assured we’ll never compromise on.

Our team (like our customers) mean everything at Igloo. And we strongly believe a happy culture breeds happy colleagues. So we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve collectively achieved this year.

What The Future Has In Store

So, what next?

Well, quite a lot actually.

We’ve come a long way but we’re not about to rest on our laurels. There are still huge strides to be taken in changing Britain’s energy industry for the better. And in the coming year we’ll be unveiling even more ways we plan to do this at Igloo.


Our first ever smart meters (we’ve been holding off until the latest SMETS 2 technology arrives). Plus we’ll be broadening our range of smart tech, as well as updating the Igloo app and website with exciting new features too.

So once again, from everyone here at Team Igloo, thank you!

In the meantime, if you want to keep on top of the latest Igloo updates and energy news, give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter.