Igloo energy is a new type of energy supplier, using smart technology alongside traditional energy retail we’re aiming to change the way our customers think about energy.

It might seem obvious, but traditional energy companies make more money when their customers buy more energy. We don’t think this is in the customer’s best interests. At Igloo, we’ve built our business model so that our interests are aligned with our customers’. We aim to offer a competitive tariff for the energy you use, no longer charging expensive standard variable rates at the end of a cheap initial offer. We’ll then help you reduce your consumption through the latest smart products and services – making your home more comfortable, convenient and cheaper to run, for good. We want to be the last energy company our customers switch to because they know we’ve got their best interest at heart.

You can start with just a simple electricity tariff with us or over time, buy more products & services that help reduce how much your home uses. By using a smart meter data driven insight, we’re able to help our customers make the right decisions when the time comes to replace things like boilers, white goods, lighting in their home. By learning about how your home uses energy, how much you need and then being smarter about how and when we buy your energy, we will be sure to get you the best deal.

Our team are new to the energy markets but have a strong background in using technology to make things work smarter and better for consumers. Come join us and make the switch to the only energy company whose business model is aligned with your interests.