Daniel Vince

Social Media Associate

4 Things We Do Differently at Igloo

Imagine how uninspiring life would be if everyone just went about doing the same old thing?

We’d still be living in caves wearing loincloths and dinner would be whatever we manage to catch that day.

And, even scarier, Igloo wouldn’t exist.

Fortunately, man discovered fire, electricity, (and thankfully tailoring). And the rest as they say is history.

The point is this. The greatest people in living memory are remembered because they dared to challenge the status quo and do things differently. And at Igloo that’s exactly what we’re about too.

We’ve seen how the energy “big six” does things. And, to put it mildly, it’s not for us. So we set out to bring customers a simpler, smarter and fairer solution to their energy supply. One that takes advantage of the modern wizardry we use in our day-to-day lives. And puts our customers first and foremost.

Here are 4 ways we achieve that benchmark everyday here at Igloo

1.  We Care

So many businesses today operate on autopilot. Putting their own agenda first and ignoring the needs or best interests of their customers. You only have to look at the poor customer service reviews across the energy industry to see where the biggest suppliers are letting the side down.

We think this is wrong.

So we put customer service at the top of our agenda. Something we’re able to do because at Igloo we’re still relatively small. Our customer service agents are on the phone in a flash when you call. And each one is extensively trained across all areas of the (rather complicated) energy industry. They are able to answer your queries and questions without having to transfer you from department to department, we think this is the best way to do things.

We empower our team to use their judgement and make their own decisions. So you can spend less precious time in your day waiting to be heard. In fact, our Trust Pilot rating is 5 stars. With over 200 honest Igloo customer reviews (and counting) attesting to how great our service is.

“Small energy suppliers have left the “big six” trailing when it comes to customer satisfaction” (The Guardian)

2. One Simple Tariff

Something that confuses consumers (and quite frankly even us) is the sheer volume of tariffs that exist on the market. Not least of all at a single supplier.

Again, we don’t quite get the point of this. Ok we do, it’s so those suppliers can promise you a good deal for a short time or a fixed period, meaning you have to constantly be shopping around for your next tariff. This practice is something we want no part of at Igloo.

So, we just have the one tariff, plain and simple. And you can read all about it on our website here. There’s no catches or hidden charges we assure you, with no exit fees or minimum terms. We’re all about transparency at Igloo. It saves everyone a lot of time. And, in our experience, makes perfect sense too.

3. Interest Reward On Your Account Credit

Another big benefit that sets Igloo apart from other energy suppliers is the fact we offer 3% interest reward on your account’s credit balance. Up to a maximum £1000. A perk we feel strongly about offering our customers.

By keeping your account in credit you’re helping reduce costs and it allows us to say a heartfelt thank you for sticking by us. And believing in what we do as much as we do

4. Smart Technology

Something that even our own customers initially find surprising about Igloo, is that we want to help you use as little energy as possible in your home.

Yes really!

In fact, we’d prefer you to use less. So the more we can help you cut back on usage, the better, as far as we’re concerned.

We have a range of smart technologies to make this possible. With the data giving us an accurate picture of when and where you use the most electricity and gas in your home (more to come on this). In fact customers who install a Tado smart thermostat can see up to a 31% decrease on their energy bills. And you can even control the thermostat by app when you’re away from home too.

The really clever thing about Tado though is that it can heat or cool down your home without you even having to ask it to. It uses a geo tagging system so it knows when you’re approaching or leaving your address. And springs into action to ensure your home is at its optimum temperature in time for your arrival.

Clever huh? Try a Tado here

But, if you’re not yet using Tado, or even an Igloo customer and you are interested in knowing how much we can save you per month on your energy bills. Just type your postcode in on our homepage here.