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February 27, 2020, in Energy prices

Igloo Energy joins the Energy Switch Guarantee

Igloo Energy joins the Energy Switch Guarantee Today we’re announcing another step in our commitment to customers by joining a great switching initiative and becoming a part of  the Energy Swi...

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May 3, 2019, in Energy prices

Our Prices: We’ve Done It Again

Igloo Price Update: We’ve Lowered Our Prices Again Aren’t good surprises great? There you are, just going about your usual day (in the usual way) when something unexpected comes along that just t...

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April 1, 2019, in Energy prices

Why We’ve Made Our Energy Prices Cheaper

Price Decrease: Why We’ve Made Our Energy Prices Cheaper Recently we got in touch to announce a decrease in our energy prices – a change we’ve now put into effect. So, with today being April Fo...

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February 21, 2019, in Energy prices

A Guide to Getting FIT Before the April Deadline

Why Time’s Running out to Get Fit With the government Feed In Tariff scheme about to close to new registrations in April, eligible homeowners have just a few weeks remaining to register for the pro...

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November 22, 2018, in Energy prices

Winter Uplift: How to Stay on Top of Your Usage This Winter

The Upsides to Uplifting Your Energy With Us If there’s one thing you can guarantee in wintertime (besides darker evenings and the return of Strictly Come Dancing to our Screens) it’s tha...

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September 7, 2018, in Energy prices

September Wholesale Energy Market update

Wholesale Energy Market Update – September 2018 One of the things we take pride in at Igloo is how easy it is for our customers to manage their energy. Simplicity has always been a big part of ...

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August 10, 2018, in Energy prices

How Igloo Helps You Take Control

How Igloo Gives You The Tools to Take Control of Your Bills and Readings. Let’s face it, when it comes to how we consume energy at home, no two days are the same. Day by day, your energy consum...

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July 24, 2018, in Energy prices

Summer Update: Our Latest Price Change Explained

Our latest pricing update explained, and how we can help you to keep your bills cool during this hot summer.  You may have seen recent news that wholesale energy prices have increased significantly ...

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March 14, 2018, in Energy prices

Pricing Update: What A Price Rise Means For You

What a price rise means for you, and how we can help you keep a lid on your bills You may have read that there have been increases to the wholesale cost of energy, and that’s before the price hikes...

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February 23, 2018, in Energy prices, Team Igloo

An Energy Supplier That Does Things Differently

4 Things We Do Differently at Igloo Imagine how uninspiring life would be if everyone just went about doing the same old thing? We’d still be living in caves wearing loincloths and dinner would...

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February 9, 2018, in Energy prices

Your Opening Read and Your Final Bill

The Final Countdown: How Your Opening Read & Final Bill Are Calculated We’re not in the habit of gambling here at Igloo. But if we had to put money on two questions we’ll be asked at ...

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January 26, 2018, in Energy prices, Save energy

7 Myths About Switching Energy Supplier.

“It’s a funny thing fear. It can hold us back from doing so many things. Most of which would actually enrich our lives for the better”.   And yet, instead of taking a leap of f...

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December 20, 2017, in Energy prices

Its beginning to look a lot like Winter: Wholesale energy prices and how they impact you.

It’s been a bit of an adventure since we started Igloo energy earlier this year and as we near Christmas we wanted to thank each of you for being part of that journey, its great to have you onb...

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November 10, 2017, in Energy prices

When One Single Tariff Is All You Need

When One Single Tariff Is All You Need Most energy suppliers offer their customers a choice of tariffs. Not us. At Igloo, we like to buck trends, we offer one competitive tariff. Whether you’re...

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