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Emergency or Smell Gas?

Smell Gas:
Call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

If you can smell gas or think you have a leak:

  • DO open all of your doors and windows
  • DO check all of your gas appliances including your boiler are switched off
  • DO turn off your gas at the meter (if its somewhere safe) and then wait outside of your house
  • DO NOT smoke, light a match or fire or use any other naked flame.
  • DO NOT use any electrical devices, switch any lights or any electric sockets
  • DO NOT go back into your house until you’ve got the all clear

Power cut?

Power Cut:
Call your local electricity distributor on 105 for help and advice.

Your local distributor will be able to provide details of any outages or issues in your area and will work to fix them.

Our policies & helping our customers

For specific details on our policies and commitments we have when dealing with our customers, including our Guaranteed Standards of Performance, how we treat our customers fairly, helping our vulnerable customers and energy efficiency advice, we have a separate page available here – Our Policies

What happens when I switch to Igloo Energy?

We take care of all of it for you.

How long does it take?

It typically takes around 3 weeks, during this time we’ll be talking with your old supplier and arranging everything. Your supply will not be interrupted by the switch.

Do I have to contact my existing supplier?

No, we’ll do this on your behalf and arrange a switch date with them. We’ll agree a meter reading with them and then they’ll send you a final bill. We recommend you cancel your direct debit once you’ve paid your final bill, although you can cancel it earlier but you need to remember you might still owe your old supplier for energy you’ve already used.

When is my first Direct Debit collected?

We will collect your first Direct Debit on or around your supply start date, this is typically 21 days after you sign up. We will then collect it monthly thereafter.

We will email you before we collect your first Direct Debit with details of the amount and the date.

Are my payments higher during my first winter?

We all use more energy in winter, it’s colder outside and gets darker earlier so it’s natural. As a result, in order to ensure you don’t run up a big bill at the end of winter, we apply an optional Winter Uplift of 20% of your normal monthly amount to your account if you join us between 1st October and 31st March. If you’d prefer we didn’t, you just need to contact us and let us know. We’d then ask that you monitor your usage and make one off payments every now and then to ensure your account doesn’t go into the red.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to make a one of payment when you join us (perhaps using any credit you have from your last supplier) to ensure you have enough of a buffer for winter, we can help you do that too.

Do I have to pay the Winter Uplift?

No, it is optional. We do want to make sure you don’t have a big bill at the end of winter though, so if you don’t want us to collect the extra amount, we’ll simply monitor your account and contact you to make an additional payment if it starts to drop into the red.

What happens if I opt-out of my Winter Uplift?

We will remove any uplift to your direct debit and instead monitor your account periodically and let you know if we think you need to make a further payment. You can of course add one-off payments to your account at anytime to ensure you don’t end up with a big bill at the end of winter.

Bills and payments

When do I receive my first bill?

We will issue your first statement around a month after your supply start date and monthly thereafter.

How often do you review my Direct Debit?

We will review your Direct Debit at least every six months to ensure you don’t get any bill shocks. We will contact you if we think it needs to be increased or decreased.

Can I change my Direct Debit date?

Your Direct Debit is linked to your supply start date. We’re unable to change the date of your DD until after the first three months payments. If you then want to change it, simply call one of our team on 0333 405 5555 and we’ll organise it for you.

Why have I been billed with an estimated reading?

Until you are on a smart meter, we will need you to provide your readings on a monthly basis – we send you a reminder when this is due. If you have entered a reading and this has not been used, then there may be a mistake in the reading, so rather than give you an astronomical bill, we have estimated your consumption. If you haven’t given us a meter read we will also use an estimate. If you have any concerns in providing a reading, let us know by email or telephone and we will help.

What if I have an existing balance with my current supplier?

Once they’ve received a final meter reading from us, they’ll send you a final bill. If they owe you money, this should be returned to you within a couple of weeks.

Its worth considering cancelling your direct debit straight away if you have built up a big credit balance so that they don’t take any further funds.

How to read your meter

I'm moving home, how do I tell you?

Contact us by email at: or give us a call on 03333 405 5555. We’ll need a final meter reading from you and if you give us your new property details we’ll get you set up there too.

Can I switch to Igloo Energy if I have a Smart Meter?

Yes, with a Smart Meter you can move to any energy supplier that you want to. That said, there are some practicalities to consider as you may find that your Smart Meter stops acting ‘smart’ once you switch. If this happens you will need to manually read and provide your meter readings to us. If you choose to switch to Igloo you will need provide us with your meter readings via your online account, via email, or by telephone. We need you to do this to allow us to bill you more accurately.

We are working to integrate some Smart Meters to make them ‘smart’ again but this won’t take place until late 2018. A new series of Smart Meter (SMETS2) is also on the horizon and installation of these will begin in mid 2018, once in place, these new Smart Meters will allow customers to switch suppliers without the loss of any smart functionality.

Will my Smart Meter in-home display work if I switch?

Your Smart Meter in-home display may continue to display your consumption in kWh for you. However, it will no longer calculate your energy spend accurately as your spend may still be calculated on your old tariff held with your previous supplier and not your new tariff with us.

What is Igloo Energy?

Igloo is a new energy retailer for the UK. We’re here to help our customers enjoy a more comfortable home, which uses less energy and costs less to run. We’re aiming to help our customers by transforming their experience with energy from the Coal age to the Uber age. Integrated with the latest connected home technology, including smart thermostats, LED lighting and smart appliances through to smart hybrid boilers all controlled through one place on your smartphone, we’re the company with energy for the connected generation.

What makes Igloo different to other energy suppliers?

We’re building a new type of energy company. One that puts its customers & the planet first. Our products & services are designed to help change how your home uses energy, delivering a more comfortable home while costing less to run.

All of our customers will soon be offered a Smart Meter if they want one, so you get daily updates on your usage & how you’re doing against budget through our mobile app.

How could you save me money?

By picking the things in your home that use the most energy & providing recommendations & replacements for less than the cost of the saving you’ll make, we can help your home be more comfortable and controllable. And because we’ll be your energy supplier too, we’ll be able to prove the savings we make.

Will you be offering businesses energy?

For now we’re going to focus on residential customers. We think they deserve to get a better deal and should be looked after the most in the energy market.

Can I see your Privacy Policy?

Of course, we take your privacy and data very seriously. You can find it here Privacy Policy

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