Daniel Vince

Social Media Associate

Why Your Existing Smart Meter Isn’t So Smart…

If you’re an Igloo customer already you know that currently we don’t offer smart meters (just yet).

So why aren’t a forward thinking and innovative energy supplier like Igloo offering smart meters just yet?

Good question.

Well for one thing, it isn’t because we have anything against smart meters. Or because we want to be retro in our approach. The reason we’ve waited to bring smart meters into effect is actually quite simple:

New technology.

But before we get into all that, let’s get to the bottom of what a smart meter actually is, and how it works. In other words: the science bit.

So What Is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a new type of meter that sends your gas and electricity readings to your energy supplier automatically. Cutting out the middleman (that’s you by the way) and eliminating the need to provide readings.

As well as ensuring accurate bills (based on actual usage and not estimated consumption) smart meters don’t rely on the customer to provide meter readings. Which saves your precious time.

So if you’re on holiday, for example, and can’t submit your meter read in time, with a smart meter it’s not a problem.

The reads will be sent monthly to your supplier so every bill you receive is based on your actual meter readings.

The Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart meters automatically monitor your energy usage to ensure accurate billing. As well as these other great benefits:

  • The readings are sent via a secure and reliable mobile technology, ensuring your information is safe.
  • The data updates in real time on your in home unit, showing you your usage in KWh and £.
  • The data will eventually be able to give you an insight into how you can reduce your energy bills. (Something we’re hot on here at Igloo).
  • They mean an end to estimated energy billing. 
  • And on top of this, installation comes at no extra cost.

Wow! Smart Meters Sound Great! So What’s the Current Situation?

We’re glad you asked.

The problem is that smart meters on the market today (called SMETS1) only serve and are able to be automatically read by the supplier that installs them. So, if you want to save money and switch to a new supplier, you’ll have to go back to reading your meter manually again. And this doesn’t quite meet our goal of providing an overall experience that makes things easier for you, the customer.

You may have seen that other energy companies who use the current SMETS1 meters are putting pressure on customers to switch to smart meters now. And this isn’t something we feel comfortable with, knowing that when they do, their meter will become redundant if customers decide to take their energy business elsewhere.

And while it is true that by 2020 the government requires smart meters to be offered to all homes and businesses, we prefer to educate and explain the benefits rather than forcing something on you. 

But, all that is about to change.

A new wave of smart meter (known as SMETS2) is in the final stages of production and development. And with this new technology, you will be able to keep the same meter, no matter who supplies your energy in the future. And that we believe, is a truly smart meter.

So, How Can New and Existing Igloo Customers Get a Fancy New Smart Meter?

Well, as soon as the technology is released we’ll be straight onto our customers to offer them the chance to upgrade to this truly smart new meter type. And of course this will be at no extra charge.

For now, it’s just a case of sitting tight a little while longer, and watching this space, while the industry confirms some of the final key details, aimed at providing the customer with the best experience of smart meter technology.

And, they do say good things come to those who wait. And we promise you; this is a good thing worth waiting for.

If you would like some more information, or to register your interest in a smart meter, you can reach out to the team on 0333 405 5555 and team@igloo.energy.

In the meantime…

If you haven’t yet switched your energy supply to us, but you’d like to see how much we could save you, just use our postcode checker here. We’ll calculate your monthly direct debit (our average saving is £343 a year) and, we’ll even offer you 3% interest reward on all credit balances. Just a couple of the ways that Igloo do things differently.