At Last, Our Igloo App Has Come Along

So we may have creatively tweaked the lyrics to an Etta James song there. But the sentiment still rings true. After months of squirrelling away behind the scenes our Igloo app is finally here. And yes, it will make life feel like a song.

Ok, we’ll stop now.

But in all seriousness, our Igloo app will make it easier than ever for customers to keep tabs on their energy usage, submit readings, and access their account.

It’s available on Android and iOS, and will cost you precisely diddlysquat to download. In other words it’s free – like all the best things in life*.

*Or so say Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross. And that’s good enough for us.

3 Key Benefits of Our New Igloo App

There are tons of impressive features – not to mention benefits – of installing our Igloo app (if you’re a customer of ours). If not, we’re afraid it renders it slightly less beneficial.


But, for those of you who are with Igloo, here are 3 of our favourite app features:

1. Touch ID Login

Forgotten your first pet’s name? Not a problem. You can kiss goodbye to password reminders with our Igloo app. We’ve designed it to offer Touch ID login. So instead of typing in your details on an infuriatingly small screen, you can simply stick your thumb on the reader and gain access instead.

2. Meter Reading Reminders

On your personalised homepage you’ll find all of your account details, including your address, balance and something a little extra… a meter reading countdown. Telling you precisely when your next reading is due. Plus you can even submit your reading in the app too. Which brings us onto our third favourite feature…

3. Photo Readings

We’ve designed our Igloo app to integrate with your phone or tablet’s camera. So all you have to do to submit a meter reading is tell us if it’s gas or electricity, and snap a pic. The read is then confirmed and your account updated automatically. No need to go online and enter it manually, nor give us a call, saving you time and effort. Great huh?

Plus, these launch features are just the very start for our Igloo app. Over the coming months we’ll be looking at even more ways to improve our customer experience for the better. So stay tuned for exciting updates aplenty.



The Brains Behind the Igloo App

Of course, we should give a shout out to the man who made all of this possible, our ingenious software engineer Ed.

Ed’s especially proud to see the Igloo app launch because he’s been at the forefront of its design since day dot. Plus of course it means he can finally have a day off. Well-deserved too Ed, we might add.

Here’s what the main man himself had to say when we quizzed him about his experience creating Igloo energy’s first ever customer engagement app…

1) Hi Ed, what for you is the best part about making the Igloo app?

 I think the best part is right now – seeing the app released and knowing it will ease the process of meter readings and help our customers manage their energy accounts better. The main objective has always been improving our customer’s experience, and that’s exactly what we hope the Igloo app will achieve.

2) What makes this different to any app you have designed before? 

The fact that it will be used daily and delivers a service that actually helps improve people’s lives.

3) What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Making sure the app was functional and could seamlessly achieve everything we set out to do from the start. It’s been through a ton of testing to get it to this point, so we can’t wait to get feedback from our customers on how it works for them.

3) So what’s next, what does the Igloo app roadmap look like?

As we roll out smart meters later this year, we’re particularly excited about providing real-time feedback to users on how and why their home is using energy along with personalised recommendations and ways to do something about it. Providing meaningful control to our customers on how their home uses energy is something we’ve been building up to for a long time.

4) Having seen Apps from the other side, what’s your favourite app to use?

Ooh, that’s a tough one! Based on personal experience I think Monzo does an amazing job of bringing banks into the 21st century. Other than that, definitely Deliveroo… oh, and the Igloo Energy app of course!

Bonus Question: Spotify or Apple Music?

Spotify! 🎵😎

Download the Igloo app today

If you’re an Apple or Android user you’ll find the Igloo app in your device’s marketplace right now. Simply download it to your home screen and you can start making use of the app’s special features from the very first time you log in.

And, if you’re not yet an Igloo energy customer, but you like the sound of what we do, type in your postcode on our website here.