Why We Trust, Trustpilot, With Our Reputation.

We all have things in life that are priceless to us. Things that don’t cost a lot, but can never be replaced if lost.

Old photographs of family and friends.

The fridge ‘artwork’ the kids brought home from school.

That collection of Gloria Estefan LPs. No? Just us then.


You see trust is something we don’t really ever stop to think about. And yet it really is invaluable. Sort of like a promise.

Once it’s broken you can never get it back.

For us, that’s what makes trust so priceless. And why it’s at the heart of everything we do here at Igloo.

It’s also the reason we use Trustpilot to measure our customer’s satisfaction.

Who is Trustpilot?

We’re glad you asked.

Trustpilot, like us, started as a small independent company. But have since grown to offices around the world (not like us) with locations including London, New York, Melbourne and Denmark.

Since 2007 Trustpilot have published honest user reviews about products, brands and services. And are now one of the leading online resources for measuring customer experience.

In fact, over 1 million unique reviews are added to their website every month.

What’s more, the reviews aren’t mediated in any way. They’re published as soon as they’re written. So consumers have a 100% unfiltered platform to talk openly and honestly about their own first hand experiences.

Of course, they do offer businesses a right to a reply. But once that review is up, it’s there for good.

Which for some companies, we imagine, is quite a scary prospect. For us on the other hand, we’re good with it. In fact we embrace it. After all, we’ve got nothing to hide. Our closets are skeleton free.

Our Igloo Trustpilot Rating

So, how do we fare on Trustpilot?

Well, as of the date this is published we’ve amounted 184 user reviews from Igloo customers. Who collectively rate us 5 stars, and 9.4/10.

By Rotten Tomato standards, that’s pretty fresh. In fact that’s a 94% customer satisfaction rating. Which compared with the top 100 movies of all time, puts us on a par with The Dark Knight and Arrival. And makes us more popular than La La Land, The Post and Dunkirk.

We monitor our Trustpilot score daily and reply to every review, because what our customers think about us truly matters. And, if there’s ever an issue we don’t bury our heads in the sand. We reach out to see how we can help.

In fact, of all the energy suppliers listed on Trustpilot we’re ranked #1 for energy services, and #4 for electric power. So we must be doing something (or a lot of things) right.

What Igloo Customers Are Saying About Us

You can read all 184 igloo customer reviews on Trustpilot here.

Or, if you’re short on time, here are 3 reviews that pretty much sum us up to a T.

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