When One Single Tariff Is All You Need

Most energy suppliers offer their customers a choice of tariffs.

Not us.

At Igloo, we like to buck trends, we offer one competitive tariff. Whether you’re a shiny new Igloo convert or a dear old friend.

We don’t do this just to be different (although this is a happy side effect). We do it because it makes sense. It’s fair. And it’s the way that all modern energy companies should run.

After all, why offer different customers, different prices, for the exact same thing?

There’s hardly anything ethical about that.

So we keep things simple and transparent with one competitive variable tariff instead.

Easy peasy.

3 benefits of Igloo Pioneer

Full disclosure: you may have heard some less than favourable things about “Standard” Variable Tariffs recently.

This term “Standard” refers to the default tariff that your supplier will switch you to, usually when your fixed deal ends or if you move in to a new home. These are some of the most expensive tariffs on the market.

Our variable tariff, the Igloo Pioneer is anything but “Standard” and offers all of our customers the best deal we can offer, without the need to change your tariff regularly.

Here are 3 things you can count on with our Igloo Pioneer tariff:

1) One Rate For All Igloo Customers

At Igloo we don’t pick and choose favourites. Every customer we sign up is equal in our eyes – and just as valued. So you can forget about special introductory offers that promptly expire after 12 months.

We only offer one tariff for dual fuel or electricity only, and rest assured the price doesn’t double once the honeymoon period is over. No matter if your loyalty lasts a few months or a lifetime.

And if our prices do happen to change overtime, we’ll write to you with 30 days notice for any increases, and any decreases you will benefit from straight away. And you can walk away entirely for free if you’re not happy. With no exit fees or minimum terms. We want you to stick with us because you want to, not because you have to.

2) Bills Based On Your Usage

By billing you based on your usage this allows us to gauge exactly where savings can be made. Ultimately helping you keep your energy costs down.

Although we bill by a set monthly direct debit, we will always ask for a monthly meter reading. This way we can ensure you’re only paying for energy you actually use. Keeping your payments as low, and accurate, as possible.

….and you can always check your online account to keep track of your balance.

3) Our Savings Passed Onto You

When you’re an Igloo customer you can be sure you’ll never pay more than our most competitive rate.

In fact, we save Igloo customers £343 per year on their energy bills, on average. And, because we’re exceptionally nice, we even give you a 3% interest reward back on your credit balance too.

What’s Next?

So don’t write off our variable tariff because of something you may have read about in tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers. Or a bad experience with one of the providers giving energy a bad name.

We’re definitely not all cut from the same cloth.

Type in your postcode (completely obligation free) and with a few minutes of your time we’ll show you how much you can save, when you switch to energy the Igloo way.

Plus, over the next few weeks and months, we’ll bring you some of our customer’s success stories as well as more tips on how to be smarter with energy in your home.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in hearing more about don’t forget to subscribe to our Igloo Newsletter, or keep an eye on our socials for more exciting content. We promise we’ll keep your email a closely guarded secret and only ever use it for the greater energy good.