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Charging made easy

The Igloo Smart EV app charges your car using as little carbon as possible, by selecting the best times to charge.

The UK grid is supplied by many different types of generation, from renewables like wind, solar or hydro through to dirtier fuels like coal and gas. Setting your car to recharge when the generation that's actually supplying the grid is as clean as possible cuts your actual carbon emissions - making your miles even cleaner!

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How it works

Set a time that you want your car charged by, make sure your car is plugged in and the app will automatically charge your car by the time you need it in the morning. Smart charge your EV with the Igloo Smart EV app and we'll give you 100 free miles per month.**

Receive 100 free miles per month

Igloo Smart Charging is compatible with Rolec EV Smart Charging points and with any Tesla charger. If you are already an Igloo customer, simply download the Igloo Smart EV app now and start charging your EV to receive 100 free miles per month.**

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** 'Miles' will be credited as redeemable 'Rewards' based on 0.30 kWh/mile calculated at your current electricity tariff rate from smart charging between 5pm & 9am only. See our Terms for full details.