Save energy with a tado° smart thermostat

Heating your home makes up over 60% of your energy bill. It's time to take control.

If you don't have one already, then a smart thermostat could help you take control and start saving energy. The tado° smart thermostat uses your phone's location, weather information and open window detection to help you save. And research has shown that tado° can save up to 31% on your home's heating bill.

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Never heat an empty house. Based on your location tado° notifies you to turn down your heating when no one is at home.


Flexibility to place the Smart Thermostat anywhere in the house, in combination with an Extension Kit.

Weather Adaptation

tado° integrates up-to-date weather information to assist in reducing your energy bill whilst maintaining your comfort.

Air Comfort

tado° helps you achieve a healthier indoor climate with insights and specific advice, e.g. when and how long to open the windows, or if a room has a risk of developing mould.

Hot Water Control

tado° can also control your hot water; set a schedule or let tado° manage it.

Open Window Detection

tado° notices open windows and lets you turn off the heat effortlessly.

Savings guaranteed

If you are not convinced after 6 months that tado° has saved you energy simply send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. Terms apply

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Your connected home

Make tado° part of your connected home. Use Siri, Google or Alexa to voice control your heating and create Applets with IFTTT to connect with other applications and smart devices.

Easy to install, works with 95% of heating systems

tado° can easily be installed on your own with the online step-by-step installation guide.

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